Monday 27 September 2010

If I have reason to believe......

If I have reason to believe that my government lies when its Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education says that he does not have the power to take action against two principals, one from Johore and another in Kedah, who have uttered incendiary, racist and sensitive remarks to their students in school:
That I reason to believe that my government cheats its own people when it deprives the impoverished Ibans of one of Sarawak’s last remaining hardwood forests, for a paltry compensation of RM250 per family:
And that I have reason to believe that my government steals from its people when it takes away the sugar subsidy that would affect millions of its own people just so that they will have the money to pay a RM$500 million commission to its own cronies for the purchase of Submarines….would it be treason for me to work towards the overthrow of that government?
If I believe that that same government is involved in the illegal prosecution of its own people for expressing their opinion on matters that they are entitled to do so under the constitution and that this same government is covertly planning for the prosecution and conviction of Members of Parliament from the opposition in order to ensure that these opposition Members of Parliament are not able to participate in the 13th General Election:
And if I believe that that government has acted unconstitutionally in the arrest of political cartoonist Zunar just hours before he launched his latest publication, Cartoon-o-phobia would it be treason for me to work towards the overthrow of that government? 

This same government takes its own people hard earned money to help their cronies to make profits in their own private enterprise. And time and time again they have openly and without any shame use the people’s money to help them win elections. 

These are amongst some of the dilemma that the loyal citizens of this country are now faced with. In the past it had been easier for most of us to turn a blind eye to all this plundering of our nations resources simple because we have refused to believe that an elected government would go about the systematic looting of the very country they were elected to governed without a sense of responsibility to the duty they had sworn to uphold. Time and time again we had been confronted by the abuses perpetuated by these elected political leaders from the Barisan Nasional Government – and still we allow them to govern us.
So how are they to believe that we will not allow them to govern us for the next 50 years? How do we tell them that enough is enough? How do we make them understand that words and promises to do good will no longer be believed by us? And proclamation that they have repented, that Barisan Nasional is now ‘changing’ and that UMNO will no longer “act” arrogant anymore are, to us all, the stuff of hot air and BS!
But enough of talk. I too have had enough of writing about these abuses by the very people we have had so much trust and belief in. We must act! We must do! We must become the change we want for our country! Increasingly it has become even harder for me to understand what even the opposition is doing – why are they shooting themselves in their own foot? And I am talking about the party elections of PKR. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see why people talk about politicians and idiots in the same breath!
I do not know about you guys but I will have to do some thinking about what I can do to move people. I am looking at Harris Ibrahim –The People Parliament! I do not mind telling you all that I think Haris moves relentlessly forward at a pace I can hardly imagine or keep up with. Where he gets his energy, commitment and dedication is beyond me…but he seems to be one of those constants in our fight against ALL corrupt and despicable politicians – and I mean ALL politicians.
I have been talking with John Khoo in Sydney who is working on a Friends of Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia charter in Australia – and he asked if we could do something in South Australia where I am at. I have said “yes” but it is a “yes” that is being debated by me, myself and I – because I do not know if I can keep up with the pace set by Haris –but damm it, I will have to give it a try. We cannot just talk or write about things that worry and concerns us. The 13th General Elections nears. As Haris says the Politicians needs to understand that we are the “Yang Berhormat” and they are the “Yang Berkhidmat!”.

I would like to hear from our friends in Adelaide and South Australia what they think of this. I would welcome any comment, ideas and suggestions from anybody prepared to give me their two cents worth of comments. We are in this together – so that when change comes to our country after the 13th General Election – we can tell our children and grand children, that we were there, that were we part of that change and that we made that change possible.
I am still apprehensive. I still have doubts. But enough of talk! I am one – with you I am two!   


  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong for a MALAY to be rich, becos another 500 others below him also become rich, but much richer than the ONE MALAY!

    They have abused the power and trust that the RAKYAT gave to them.

    So, If they still want to remain in power like there is no tomorrow let them be, we shall see how it all ends!

    But if going by the pass history books, the record they have set is very alarming, they behave like thugs and hooligans!

    enough is enough!

  2. Bro

    We both are already two and after last night in Melbourne, I can assure you that we are MANY