Saturday 18 September 2010

DEWI DEWI : Dokter Cinta


Came across this video some time back and the song keeps playing in my head because it is so catchy...and yet I know that there will be some out there who will say that this just thrash......just three good looking girls with a song that has been manufactured to suit their singing style - just a one hit wonder...any comments? I think it is just great entertainment if you do not take everything too seriously ...better then Britney! I listen to it every time I need a pick me up - more to listen to the song then to look at the girls! Ok...same same lah! 

And every time I listen to this song I smile because I think of the clip below from "Spies Like Us"....and do not ask me what is the connection...there is no connection...just the Doctor part triggers me into the mode!

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