Monday 20 September 2010

ANWAR, AZIZAH & NURUL: A house divided?

We have all watched Azizah from afar with much admiration and respect for what she had stoically endure through the trials and tribulations that Anwar went through. What she has done for Anwar, for PKR and her Family is a story of a courageous woman thrown into the deep end to fend for herself. And this she did without hesitation and a determination that now sees her as President of PKR.

Each of the past many years since Anwar was arrested released and up to the 12th general election I had waited to see when Azizah would say “ENOUGH”. She has not. Has the cut and thrust of politics now becomes part and parcel of her life? Become part of her so that she cannot let go of that part of her life that she so reluctantly embrace because she knew it was her duty to do so then?

As the PKR party elections approaches we are all aware of the tension within Anwar’s house – his own house. That tension between Azizah and Anwar is now becoming a problem for PKR too! I have wanted earlier to ask why was Anwar not taking a more pro-active stance in resolving some of the issues that need to be addressed within PKR before these issues were “discussed” by other PKR leaders in the public domain. Why are the various dissatisfaction within PKR not been discussed and resolved behind closed doors? Why are these PKR leaders speaking through Blogs and Twitting away as if the world was about to end!

Was I imagining it when I read that Nurul actually openly endorsed Zaid as the candidate for the deputy President post over Azmin? Is her endorsement of Zaid a tacit endorsement by her on behalf of Azizah…and Anwar even? I do not really know. But I know this – if Anwar cannot stop Nurul from making that kind of announcement then I know that Anwar has a problem in his own house!

I would expect, at the least, good manners and in the interest of having a house united within PKR, the first family (which, whether they like it or not happens to be Anwar, Azizah and Nurul) should remain above the personalities involve in the party elections. Let me be more direct. If Anwar, Azizah or Nurul cannot do so then Keadilan is not adil! The three of you have abuse the trust that a lot of Malaysians have placed in you to do what is right for your party, your country and our people.

Enough have been said about Rosmah and Najib. About her interference in affairs of the state. About her inability to comprehend that nobody is interested in what she wants and how she looks – that what matters when she is the Prime Minister’s wife is that she behaves like one.

With Azizah she is not only Anwar’s wife but is also the President of Keadilan. Granted that is a fact but she must not forget that she is President of PKR BECAUSE she is Anwar’s wife! And Nurul won Lembah Pantai because she is Anwar’s daughter. And that PKR that had ONE seat before the 12th General Election was able to secure 31 seats at the 12th General Election because of Anwar! We all know this. I am bringing this up because as the Party Elections of PKR nears I want to ask Anwar how he expects to hold PKR together if his own house is divided?

Is Azizah insisting that she will accept anyone else as deputy in as long as he is not Azmin? Let me be very clear on one thing. I do not know Azmin. I have never met this guy, never talked to him on the phone or ever exchange emails or communicate with him in any manner whatsoever. But …and here is the big ‘but’……I am aware from what I read on the net that Zaid has the support from non-Malay and non UMNO link members of PKR. Zaid has DAP support and maybe even PAS….and of course Khalid! From Nurul utterances she is with Zaid too. And now Azizah too?

So what happens to not taking sides? What happens to the principal of democracy that PKR has been shouting from the rooftop to all of us until we are deaf? Is all this one member one vote thing just a white wash? Total crap? PKR doing an UMNO? Cakap bukan serupa bikin?         

For me personally it is not for the President to say whom she wants or does not want as her deputy. NOT when you are asking for your members to vote for one. Why bother with an election when you have already made it known that you will NOT accept Azmin as your deputy?

 It is a sad reality for us Malays. Always…always when Malays are given power and attain great heights in public office or position in any organizations….somehow or other and more often then not they tend to forget the bigger issues. Issues like allowing anyone to contest for any post within PKR on a level playing field.

I think the people’s patience with Anwar and his Family will be sorely tested if indeed his family is divided over the PKR party elections. Nothing, I repeat nothing, is worth breaking up a family or a marriage over – especially not PKR party’s election. Certainly not over a party post that you have already asked the members to vote on! Do not allow your personal preferences be of any concern to anyone but yourself.

There are things I can write about PKR – but I do not do so because it would be like “ludah ka langit” spitting into the air. As Khalid has said before of BN “they are spitting into the air and it will fall back on their own face”. Anwar, Azizah and Nurul do not to that to PKR. When you start to do that then it will mean open season for all us bloggers to do the same to PKR….as I am close to doing so now.

Step back and think. Bring your family together Anwar and ask yourselves what the three of you should do for PKR – not for your likes and dislikes but for PKR. We expect nothing less.

Do not think that we cannot live without PKR. We can. It is okay for me to have double standard as I am but just a blogger – but not for you and your family Anwar! You three must be the change you want PKR to be. If you do not then all the years Anwar spent in Sungai Buloh, all the years Azizah put into PKR and all the struggle Nurul has put into PKR will mean for nothing when the people have had enough of your intrigues and dissent. Enough!   


  1. All in the family politics does not smell good.Many Third World countries are suffering from this kind of politics. That it has come to the opposition must be the first in the Third World.The people who support the PKR must voice their doubts on this development.We have enough of this kind of family controlled politics.We badly need a system that will provide social mobility. Translated that means everyone should have the opportunity to work through the system to reach the higest office in the land. Only that kind of approach will ensure the future of Malaysia as evisaged by the constitution.

  2. There is also the opinion that a true democracy should allow for open declaration of preference for certain candidates (as in freedom of expression) without any weight attached to it. It is then up to the members to vote whomsoever they wish to. The direct voting system itself is considered very democratic, compared with other parties. It should be interesting if members' votes do not reflect party leaders' suggestions. I would give the system a chance to prove itself.

  3. Brother, everything is so confuse now in Malaysia. PKR is also behaving like UMNO so apa ada beza...
    Wll not go very far and I am doubtful and the best thing to shun all of them-cakap tak serupa bikin. Biasa la orang Melayu ma.....

  4. Bro, we do not know EXACTLY what goes on in the Anwar household that has seen Anwar blatantly (some still say "tacitly") supporting Azmin and Azizah/Nurul going the opposite direction. I get the impression that Azizah/Nurul knows something about Azmin that we don't.

    Azizah and especially Nurul have long gained their own positive public images and now lend credibility to Anwar whose recent moves have not been awe inspiring to say the least.

    Let's have the whole scenario play out and see what remains when the dust settles.


  5. Make no mistake - Zaid can stand on his own.It's PKR's loss if Zaid lost and is pressured to leave.Zaid can form the 3rd Force as president and mind you,many from PKR,PAS,DAP & BN will join him for his stand of conscience for the nation.Too many of us are already tired of sheep-wolf politicians, we are waiting for a saviour to unite the people and move the country fast to compete with all our neighbors which have overtaken us lately bcos we spent too much time arguing who should go back to india,china,indonesia etc.

  6. The process of endorsement is fine with me (public or tacit), and even if the endorsements differ within members of the Anwar family. They are just members with each their right, royal or otherwise.

    What is not fine,is the apparent manner which voting seems to be going on, ie voting foul play, last minute lack of candidate choices. Where's party's founding principles. Seems lost amidst power grab.

    Meanwhile this PKR party election is scaring GE voters by how its run. You may think there are other PR parties to vote for in GE, but will they be fielded in your voting area. I shudder the thought of my lack of choice....

  7. Come on la, bro. Can't you see what's really going on? Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today have been going on this campagn to demonize Azmin, and sideline Anwar, while at the same time seeming to support Nurul and Wan Azizah.... all for the benefit of Zaid Ibrahim as no. 2, and presumably, if Anwar goes to jail as a result of Sodomy II, as de facto no. 1. So much the better if Anwar is voted no. 1, then Zaid can become de facto and de jure no. 1 immediately.

    This is a very intricate plot going back soon after March 8, 2008. Remember, Zaid was already down and out; not selected even to contest in GE12 and defend his Parliament seat. But suddenly he was made a Minister through the back door, given the opportunity to become a people's hero by "rehabilitating" Tun Salleh Abbas. And then some sandiwara ISA detentions and he made the ultimate sacrifice, in Malaysian political terms, by resigning his Cabinet post. Having thus proven his mettle, so to speak, the next step would be to join the opposition through PKR. And now he is poised to take over PKR. The word is out that Anwar Ibrahim is no longer relevant..Pakatan will win GE13 even without Anwar Ibrahim. In fact, they are now saying Anwar has become a liability to "the cause" because of the unending trials.

    So, what happens next? I suppose, in Zaid's mind,he will become PM after GE 13. But I doubt that the "powers that be" and the money behind his present campaign against Anwar will allow that to happen. PKR (hence Pakatan) will be destroyed before then.. and its happily ever after for Mahathir, Daim and Co.

    THE END.

  8. salam, i am intrigued by the intriguing dynamics in pkr. i tried to understand your view in this post and also read what others have commented. i think its unfolding but not nearly quick enough for me. i should like to come back to your blog if you and/or other are willing to 'paraphrase' the scenario in the pkr election, ifs and buts, warts and all. looking forward and thanks.

  9. Hai, let me just say this that Azmin Ali has Anwar Ibrahim hostage, literally by the balls. He probably knows as much dirty secrets about Anwar as Azizah, if not more.

    So you see, this Azmin fellow is playing a dangerous game. By letting Azmin become the next PKR Deputy President, he is for all purposes, but not in name, the true Ketua Umum PKR, not Anwar. He is now the power behind the throne, because he has Anwar's balls.


  10. I agree with Kosong Cafe. In any democracy, it issss ok to declare your support for anyone you think is best to lead you. Remember your rights to write, your rights to your preferences? Remember Colin Powell declared his support for Obama when the US elections were getting near?
    And perhaps the first family has already made known their preferences to each other privately?
    In the end, its the 400,000 members votes that matters!

  11. Hullo blader you know ma.azmin so melayu one. This zaid aa got non malay other half one and loves chinese so can drink drink one ... so much so good la vely liberer unlike azmin so the malay one. you dee a pee one like vely much people who got associate with areder races one... siamese chinese, indian gleek or what ever la.... aya that one also donno one aa
    poi the virrage boy ma

  12. Salam... Thank you for highlighting this issue. Its sad to see the beginning of a new "UMNO like" party. Its true when people say that since most of the PKR members are from Ex-BN members, they sure behave like them!!
    It is really sickening to see that people of the same party, who claims to fight for the same cause, fight with each other when it comes to power & personal gains. Let me repeat this - "THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT FROM BN". Why can't they work together for the party?? After all the bad mouthing, character assasination, baseless accusations, back stabbing, do they think they can close ranks?? Do they think no one will be hurt?? Do they think no one will hold grudges amongst each other?? Do they think it is just "Lets forget & forgive"?? NO WAY!!!
    DSAI, with all due respect, if you let this happen, to me, you are just another "Pak Lah" who let things go out of hand!! I may not be a member of this party but I believe that PKR can make a difference in our country's political scenario. Please DSAI, I repeat...please dont let things go out of hand... Please hold it together...

  13. Ex UMNO/BN, can anyone tell me specifically where the similarities are?