Sunday 27 September 2015

Cakap cakap...of Yusoff and CK.

The old adage that old friends that you have not seen for many many years can be as familiar to you -  as that favorite cardigan that you slip into every day to keep yourself warm in Winter -  when you meet with them again ...came true for me when I met up with one yesterday evening.

It has been many many years since I last met with Yusoff....yes that guy on the right...who brought with him, CK, the guy on the left - almost one hundred and eighty years of living between the three of us!

It was as if the last time we met was just last week...not over a decade ago...and all we were doing now was just having another casual cakap cakap over coffee. And it was as if the meeting was at the mamak stall somewhere in Bangsar and not in Melbourne that Yusoff had travelled many thousands of kilometers to come to for a holiday.

 And CK , being a friend of a friend was now my friend too! Is that not the Malaysian way?

The easy banter between us all went on well past midnight and when we bid ourselves good night the warm glow that envelopes one when good friends meet and shoot the breeze on issues of local and global importance left me smiling as I walked back to my car parked in one of those back alleys near Flinders Train Station. 

The cold night air of a Spring evening in Melbourne hasten my steps towards my car and my thoughts turned once again to the warm surroundings of my home in Fitzroy as I headed for home.

It has been an enjoyable evening - an evening, I am sure, many many other Malaysian living overseas will also have when they catch up with old friends from Malaysia. Such is life.   

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