Saturday 19 September 2015

Vincent, Azira and Jay Jay.....just Malaysians!

steadyaku47 comment : These are the images of a Malaysia that warms my heart and gladdens my soul.....our young working together for our future. Vincent, Azira and Jay Jay saya tabek!
I am Vincent. I eat nasi lemak for breakfast, banana leaves curry mutton for lunch, Yongtaufoo for dinner with lots of Teh Tarik in between. What does that make me? Just another Malaysian...

"That's me in the middle. Some call me Cina. Some call me Malaysians. The lady beside me, Azira, some call her Melayu, some call her Malaysian. The guy beside me, Jay Jay, some call him India, some call him Malaysian. But all in all, we prefer to identify ourselves as Malaysian first, because we are proud to say ‪#‎WeAreMalaysians‬." -Adrian Lim Chee En, Sabah.

Join me & hundreds of other Malaysians in this campaign. Send us your photos with a #WeAreMalaysians message.

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