Tuesday 29 September 2015

I will take a break.....

5.44 am Tuesday. 29th September 2015.

I need to take a break from writing - maybe a short break, maybe a long break  - for how long is something I do not know yet but suffice to say that the need to provide for the care of my wife and writing is getting to be just a bit too much for me to carry on doing without it affecting my sanity. 

I know this because last night that was what kept me awake. 

Simply said I will not want writing to be an unpleasant thing for me to do. 

It has become that now. 

As you know I have been seeking your help to to get a few things to enable me to keep my wife comfortable at home instead of being cared for in a hospital or at an age care home for her dementia. 

For those who have been generous and kind enough to assist us - we are grateful. 

But it has not been enough to meet our needs. 

Now I have started to think that I must write more for people to donate more...and that is something I do not want to do....and that was what kept me awake last night. 

So I will stop writing for a while and focus on getting on with life on the more practical level - go find some work to do, earn some money and pay for what I have to get to keep my wife at home instead of waiting for donations to come in from those who read what I write. 

So for now....let me do just that.   

Why we could do with a little more help...

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