Friday 18 September 2015

More of Lim Kit Siang, Cina, Babi and ALLAH.

Pity this lady. 
I think she is from Johor and if that is the case, she will soon get an order from her Sultan who has just warned his subjects against racism. 
Coming back to the subject of calling LKS babi. By so doing she is also insulting her own people. Did it occur to her that many UMNO people have Chinese parents, in-laws and godparents? Musa Hitam, the late Mohammed Rahmat and the late DPM, the awesome Tun Dr Ismail all have Chinese mothes. By extension, what do you call these children of Chinese mothers. Not very nice if you think of it. 
Did she pot on her thinking cap when she spew those venom. 
The current MB of Pahang has a Chinese daughter in-law and Muhydin Yassin has a Chinese son in-law and the mercurial Zahid Hamidi's godfather was a Hainanese Chinese. There you have it. Need I say more? 
Even you yourself, dear brother Hussein, your mother is Chinese. 15% of the students in Chinese schools are Malays. So lady in red, mind your manners, please.
steadyaku47 comment:  For the record "dear brother Hussein's" mother is not Chinese...but I do have cousins with Chinese mothers, wives and even husbands too....plenty of them! I have a Greek wife...and I shudder to think what that lady from Johor thinks of Greek wives!  

Me and my late mother - Zaharah Ambak

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