Thursday 17 September 2015

Lim Kit Siang, Cina, Babi and ALLAH.

Watch the above video again and again to remind you what Umno has made our country into - imagine the mentality of this rabid women who equates Lim Kit Siang, Cina, Babi and then evoke the name of ALLAH all in one tirade!

Umno made this women - made her into a raving lunatic who damms Kit Siang, damms the Cina as Babi and all this she does in the name of ALLAH and for ALLAH! And there are many more like her around....much too many!

And what will the authorities do to her? Not much!

Have a Cina do the same thing - damm Najib Razak, damm the Malays as monkey and baboons, and call upon Christians to damm the Malays....where will that Cina end up?

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