Friday 11 September 2015

Mengapa tuan tak tulis dalam BM ?

I was asked by atanliar why I do not write in Bahasa and why do Malaysians have to use bahasa Inggeris untuk berkomunikasi diantara satu sama lain. 

The language I write in is the product of my education. English was the medium of instruction while I was at school.

As for communicating with other Malaysians......80 percent of those that read what I write are from Malaysia. 

Atanliar writes in Bahasa  - according to Google he has 8 followers and 4,196 views. 

I write in English and according to Google I have 157 followers and 10,575,742 views.

Simple answer...When you write in English it reaches more people than Bahasa and I would like what I write to be read by as many people as possible....that is why I prefer to write in English. Can I write in Bahasa? Yes I can and I will if the occasion demands that I do so.

atanliar.......kelemahan bersuara dalam Bahasa adalah suatu fenomena yang aneh di negara kita. Mengapa tuan tak tulis dalam BM ? Mengapa rakyat Malaysia perlu menggunakan bahasa Inggeris untuk berkomunikasi diantatra satu sama lain.
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