Wednesday 16 September 2015

Henry Ong : On unethical sea captains etc etc.

henry ong

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I have a very novel way of solving Malaysia's problems in many areas.

The only way is a have a clean slate. Start totally anew, All the oldies resign & let the young but  intelligent & hardworking takeover.

Since I am a believer that ONLY MALAYS OR AT THE VERY LEAST A MUSLIM BE THE PRIME MINISTER, DPM & DEFENCE MINISTER, I propose that the Malaysians chosen here be given [non political affiliation] for 5 years to put the country in the right path again.It is more of a mandate from the King but we can still have the Malaysian Parliament to debate the quality of the new team policies.

Contrary to what people think, there are many good, young, intelligent & hardworking Malays. In fact Malaysians have to tell these new young leaders they have to succeed for their children's sake  as well as Malaysia's sake because there is no other way.

Mr. Hussein, not many people have legal right or privileges to immigrate to countries like Australia etc. Many embark in rust buckets & sold to them by unethical sea captains & many drown when the dinghy sinks like in Med. Sea.

Of course you will not find me there because I am happy here. On top of that, I can't swim  & so to me I am putting all my hopes on young Malay leaders to pull Malaysia out of these problems. 
steadyaku47 comment : 
Henry is entitled to his opinion and belief that "ONLY MALAYS OR AT THE VERY LEAST A MUSLIM BE THE PRIME MINISTER, DPM & DEFENCE MINISTER".....but I will agree to disagree here.
I want to be led by the most able, credible and effective leader in any country that I call home. Any concessions to race, religion or any other sentiments simply does not cut in a society that insists it be governed by meritocracy  - for that is the type of society that I and many others now want to live in!
If you are happy in Malaysia, then by all means stay but all Malaysians must put their hopes on young Malaysians leaders to pull Malaysia out of it's problems. 
Anything else would be a compromise to what Umno has imposed on all Malaysians - the politics of race and religion to serve the vested interest of the political elites whose sense of entitlement requires for them to dominate politically at the expense of us all.

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