Wednesday 23 September 2015

Tai Zee Kin : Cakap cakap....

When Republican candidate Carson publicly said that Muslims should not be allowed to become the President of United State of America, I took it as being absolutely distasteful and I disagree with that. 

Then, I saw many of my Muslim Malaysian friends quickly jumped into the "condemning" bandwagon denouncing Carson's stand.

My question to these Muslim friends : are you then, prepared to allow non-Muslim Malaysians to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Some would say yes, but most would say no. So where comes the moral high ground for you to disagree with Carson's stand? The feeling Carson's speech gave you, is exactly the feelings of Non Muslim Malaysians all these while, only that we have came to terms with it after 58 years.

So are you willing to take the leap of faith, and prepare yourself to be led by non Muslim PM in Malaysia?

steadyaku47 comment : Aku tak condemn Carson!

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