Tuesday 15 September 2015

cakap little we care about politics in Australia!

Yesterday, a Monday, 14th September started like any other day. 

I was up by 5 am, showered and by 5.20 am made myself a cappuccino and powered on my PC to check my mails and bring me up to speed as to what was happening in KL and then the world - in that order! I tried to do some writing but my heart was not in it - so I took the easy way out....went to my archives in Lim Kit Siang's blog and posted on to my blog something I wrote in September 2009 : Tolerance.    

The day passed quickly enough and by early evening I was preparing dinner for my wife - a salad : Snowpea Sprout, a crunchy combo of peas and nuts, Salmon and a hard boiled egg topped with Paul Newman's Own Caesar Dressing.

The TV was on the ABC for the main news bulletin but I was too preoccupied with frying rice with prawns, veggies with plenty of salted butter for taste and seasoning to really listen to what was being said. 

Then I saw the subtitles underneath the news anchor telling us that Tony Abbot was being challenged as leader of the Liberal by Malcom Turnbull - his Minister of Communication.

To put matters to rest, Tony Abbot caledl for a snap Liberal party vote at 9.15 pm that night to settle the matter once and for all.

Two hours later Tony Abbott was no longer Prime Minister of Australia!

This was Australia's fifth PM change in as many years! 

That is how much most Australians and me, care about politics in Australia.

I only knew about that challenge to Tony Abbott's position as prime minister just about an hour before the party was called to vote on it - and within two hours Tony Abbott was history...and he missed getting the prime minister's pension by four days! He did not stay as PM long enough to qualify for one!

Now compare that to the almost rabid and relentless flow of all things politics that permeate and invade every waking hours of every Malaysian life! 

Can, or should I say should,  any of you fault me and so many Malaysian for migrating to Australia? 

I think not!    

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