Wednesday 30 September 2015

cakap cakap....writing, blogging and life.

On the day that I said I will take a break I received two donations...and I was torn between stopping and continuing with working on this blog....but the dithering lasted only a day...for as you can see here....I am writing again. In fact I have not stopped...even as I said I will take a break my daily routine continued....after I put my wife to bed at around ten in the evening, I continue to write....but sleep has been hard for my worries continues to rob me of my peace of mind and sleep. But this too, I hope will pass.

So while I continue with blogging I hope some of you will think about helping us out a little....sedikit sedekit menjadi bukit.

I have had only a few hours of sleep these last two days. At 67 going on to 68 this month, that takes a toll on your physical ability to do anything - even think. Thick black espresso coffee helps. 

In that small cup I put in two spoons of make it more palatable...and it keeps me going for a few hours. Then I lie down in the lounge with a blanket over me to rest my tired eyes and physical self and let the sights and sounds coming from the TV wash over me while I lie in quiet repose! Such sweet rest!

Once rested I will begin blogging again with a vengeance...for there is much to write about! Until then ...let music be the balm of my worries.....SWAY.



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