Thursday 17 September 2015

Quickies : Mesti ada class sikit lah!

steadyaku47 comment : 
I, for one, have made my thoughts clear as to what I think of this "Maruah Melayu" rally - that is is a racially motivated unnecessary rally that only widens the racial divide amongst all Malaysians...but surely to put the above video of Malays making fools of themselves because of their inability to express themselves coherently in a tongue that is foreign to them (English) is simply not on. 
Its makes them look stupid and makes me cringe. You cannot fault them for not being able to express themselves in English because they have not been schooled in that language. It makes me cringe because there is malice a forethought in uploading that video for others to view. 
Get an English speaking rally participant and get a good interviewer to engage that guy in what the rally is all about - that is something I would want to see - not the above cheap hit at the rally at the expense of those two Malay guys!   
Let us not go down to their level...mesti ada class sikit lah!

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