Wednesday 23 September 2015

Mohamad Abdul Karim : FIGHT for our children’s survival. We are dispensable.

FIGHT for our children’s survival. We are dispensable.

The story of Natra or Nadra or Huberdina Maria Hertogh, when it first broke in early 1950, was the rallying call for the Malays to arms. Many Malays had vaguely heard of Natra and the subsequent riots following the tragedy. During the Japanese occupation of Java in 1942, a Dutch girl by name of Natra, at the tender age of 5, was given away for adoption by her Dutch mother to Cik Aminah of Kemaman, Trengganu. Subsequently, after the war, her biological mother fought for custody of her daughter, through the legal system. After the courts awarded the decision in favour of Aminah, Natra, then aged 13, married Mansoor Adabi, a school teacher. However, upon appeal, the courts overturned the decision and Natra was returned to her Dutch parents. Eighteen people were killed during the rioting that followed the decision.

Most of us, including myself, had heard of Natra. But many did not know the facts and history of events.

The Malays fought for the integrity of an individual who was not their own. Lives were laid on line when justice was deemed unfair and prejudiced. One can say that racism was the overwhelming factor. It was deemed taboo that a white girl (already baptised), adopted by a Malay and converted to the Muslim faith.

Malays hold onto the Quran and its teachings. It has got nothing to do with the colour of one’s skin, or the language one speak. If you are a Muslim, you are a brother or sister. This is the basis of a true Muslim. 

As in any religion, there are the extremists and deviationists. When leaders started to introduce their own interpretations of the holy teachings, they spawn their own brand according to what suits them. Just as in politics, one garners popular following and blind support by whatever means, be it intimidation or corruption. The line separating religion and politics is razor thin. 

This is what is happening to our country today.

It is not about the Malays, Chinese, Indians and all other ethnic groupings.

Our leaders have us by the nose and making us toe their line. They make us wary of our neighbours. That is not right.

We have to break through for Malaysia to survive.

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