Thursday 10 September 2015

Henry Ong on my "Open Season to Hantam the Malays"

henry ong

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You are dead wrong. The non Malays especially my generation feels very sad for the younger generation of Malays. We will never hantam the Malay people because the Malays today will react instinctively & maybe at a more dangerous level than Low Yat Plaza incident. Non Malays my generation are prepared for this eventuality.

As the birth rate of Malay Muslims being way higher than non Malays there is no way Malay families can give their very best to their children no matter how hard working the parents are.

The Chinese can never harness "disenchanted" Malays politically because there is automatically a distrust by Malay people. The last election was for Anuar Ibrahim harnessing the Malay disenchanted.

DAP success is because of Anuar Ibrahim & not Lim Kit Siang. PAS also had managed to help win some disenchanted Muslim Malays.

There is no other alternative for Malaysia but to have a Malay or Muslim heading Malaysia as the Malay Muslim is 65% of Malaysia's population.
As you wrote the Malay people must quickly find a good Malay leader that can galvanized Malay race to achieve many things that the Malay race wants to. It is very easy today for UMNO to win back Malays. Invite a more honest & intelligentsia to lead the Party. The old ones must be generous enough to let go if they want Malay people to be on par with non Malays & progress to their highest level.

My fear is that we do not have the time to remedy all the wrongs that have being going on in Malaysia. The subject is way too long to go into & frankly I am not that good to know all.

This subject written by you will definitely make interesting discussion

All the best to you Mr. Hussein
steadyaku47 comment : My dear Ong you are entitled to your opinion and I to mine....but I must remind you that the only mistake I have ever made was being born! And those are great odds for you to disagree with! 

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