Thursday 12 November 2015

DAP : Shakir Ameer

steadyaku47 comment : This is Shakir's comment on what I wrote in  Hubris within DAP and its rapid descent into political lunacy . 

My reply follows.

just read this post...I clearly understand the constitution and the political situation in the country when i was suggesting those things the other me it's simple, we have a good talent pool and in the event a situation like in perak happens we may just have a muslim who can become an MB or even a PM for that matter. I don't see anything wrong there...sometimes we don't always have to rely on other harm trying...
Shakir in politics, as you probably know, perception is reality. For now....and I repeat...for now......think of what Umno can do with your statement of having a DAP member as PM. Rightly or wrongly, for many Malays (especially in the rural areas), DAP is Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Tony Pua and the Chinese. Umno can spook many Malays into voting for Umno by just highlighting to the Malays in the kampong that DAP now wants their own member to be PM.

Some things are best left unsaid simply because you give political capital to Umno for it to use against your own DAP.

For your info please go to this link and see for yourself where I stand on DAP and other issues relating to the opposition and Umno. For almost two years I wrote gratis for Kit Siang because I believe in the things he is doing....but you must also ask yourself why I stopped doing so. For now that is for me to know...and for you to find out. 

Thank you for reading what I write. regards
and I'm a proud mamak but malaysian first 

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