Tuesday 10 November 2015

The Ugly McDonald worker.

steadyaku47 comment : It's now 4.45 am in Melbourne. I could not sleep and powered on my Mac to bring me up to speed with what is happening out there in other parts of the world and came across this article. It tells us of how inhuman we humans can be towards others who are less fortunate than us. I am sure that this video will go viral and by the time you read this article and see the video of the incident, I would hope that this heartless McDonald worker would have got the sack!...and that unfortunate homeless man would be apologized to by MacDonald and compensated for the humiliation he endured by the actions of that MacDonald worker.

A cruel McDonald’s worker has been criticised for his ‘disgusting’ treatment of a homeless man.
The employee was filmed offering the older man, known only as ‘Willy,’ a free hamburger.
He urges the man to come closer to the drive thru window with promise of free food.

“Hey Willy, come here, do you want a sandwich. Come on man, I'm going to give you a sandwich man, come on man,” he can be heard saying in footage.

As Willy approaches the window the employee utterly humiliates the man by throwing water in his face and laughing.

The sickening act was filmed by a customer, who was parked beside the window.
What’s worse is the customer can also be heard laughing at the inhumane act.

Photo: LiveLeak.

Commenters have since shared their outrage at the employee’s actions.

“What a pair of disgusting human beings, I hope one day they are out of luck and someone does the same to them,” one user said.

Commenters have been left outraged by the man's actions.
“What a disgraceful thing to do to this man. To get personal gratification out of humiliating this man, what evil in us makes us so horrible?” Another said.

McDonald’s have refused to comment on the employee’s actions.

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