Sunday 29 November 2015

Henry Ong : There will never be another May 13.

The saddest part is that the scenarios have changed but unfortunately  for the worse.
There will never be another May 13 because technically Chinese Malaysians have became MALAYSIANS. In this sense Chinese is just an adjective to the sentence. There is no reason for May 13 to happen again because if UMNO as Malay political is not intelligent to see it, progress for Malay people will never happen. Repeating May 13 means that Chinese Malaysians are still enemy of the Malay race.  
How can the Chinese fight against 65% of the population & the control of the military & civil administration. Couple with the fact the rich Malays & Malay led GLC's control I would put at even 60% of the economy. Statistics shows Malays only own 18% because they excluded the Malay owned GLCs.
The next young generation of UMNO leaders that will lead the country have to rethink their strategy to remain in power & retain their wealth that they have taken from Chinese Malaysians [beras, sugar  & banks etc]. The amount the bailouts of GLCs. like MAS has taken a large bit of wealth of the nation.

This cannot go on for long with declining oil prices & commodity prices.

This part of the paragraph is a contradiction of my previous post that BN will win the next election GE14. BN will win because there is no other party that has the experience to run the country & the opposition is in disarray. Without good governance of the country, the country will regress instead of progress.

Why is the scenario getting worse? 
Simple the Malay population growth rate has being so high and well paying skill jobs are not there for the Malay young to enjoy. I read that the number of unemployed Malay graduates not being able to find employment now is very high.
Young UMNO leaders should be more positive in their statements & knowledge of how the world has change & how young Malays have change. Their positive statements will encourage to come in to invest & thereby create jobs for young Malaysians.

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