Thursday 12 November 2015

Berita Daily : Does the Opposition deserve your support?

Berita Daily 

Malaysians should not be blind to the inability of the opposition to hold themselves together

In these past few weeks or so I have been getting emails that tell me, in more ways than one, that I seems to be flirting my way towards Umno, towards Barisan Nasional.

I seems to drift towards highlighting what is wrong with Pakatan Rakyat/Pakatan Harapan rather than focus on “hantaming” Umno/BN.

"Why" they asked, "must I persist on going on about the break up of Pakatan Rakyat when everyone is focused on that donation and 1MDB?"

Why indeed!

I have written enough on 1MDB and on Najib, and more will be written by me as and when new stuff emerges from the odious bowels of Umno and BN.

But I will not be blind to the inability of the opposition (whoever they may be as they continue to splinter and squabble among themselves) to hold themselves together.

What more, with their inability to put Najib and Umno out of their present misery by taking the opportunity to show the electorates that the opposition is a credible alternative to the present BN government, and galvanize the Malaysian public into showing their contempt and disgust at the manner this BN government is conducting itself.

Do you not agree that there has never been a better time than this for the opposition to seize the moment and show to us all their ability to lead Malaysia?

But Pakatan Rakyat is no more! Instead Pakatan Rakyat which was given the mandate by the rakyat to push for a change in government has now handed that mandate back to Barisan Nasional by default.

And it tells a lot about what those former allies within Pakatan Rakyat would have done if they had won the last general election.

While those in the opposition continue with their petty mudslinging against each other, Barisan Nasional goes from strength to strength in spite of a leadership that borders on the Idi Amin/Gaddafi/Marcos genre.

Common sense tells me that for the next few decades BN will govern. They will govern using race, religion and political power to advance their personal agenda at the expense of the rakyat.

So if you are still asking why I am drifting towards BN, ask yourself if the opposition is deserving of your support, or even your pity.

God help us all!

Hussein Hamid is blogger steadyaku47 and has been blogging since 2009. He writes on all things social and political in Malaysia.He resides in Melbourne and maintains contact with acquaintances in Malaysia to keep abreast of developments.

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