Monday 30 November 2015

Political power comes from the people and is vested upon the prime minister to do good not evil and to govern not to plunder and pillage our nation.

If you talk to Malaysians KL, Penang, Singapore, Melbourne, London even Moscow, if you surf the Net to read what you can and peruse local and international media on their reporting of all things Malaysians, you will know that all is not well in Bolehland.

You will know that the Prime Minister is under siege from within his own Umno while elsewhere the common consensus is that he has some explaining to do about many things that has dog his tenure as prime minister of which the two most recent and most pressing would be his deposit of a RM2.6 billion donation meant (so he says!) for Umno into to his private bank account while the other, the 1MDB conundrum, threatens not only his own credibility but that of the government he leads. Both these issues hangs like an executioner's sword poised to snuff whatever political life he and his government still has left...nyawa di hujung pedang!

Already the gathering opposition within Umno has coalesce into a new flank that now dares to identify themselves publicly and declare their intent to work towards removing Najib as president of Umno! 

How dare they do so! Does money no longer hold sway over Umno's ketua bahagians? 

Does not the billions within Najib's purview means nothing to them? The answer to that seems to be an emphatic "NO!".

These are all manifestations of Najib Razak's failure as president of Umno, as prime minister of Malaysia and last but not least, as a decent human being. And when a leader stumbles the party he leads begins its downwards trajectory towards terminal electoral defeat, the government he leads stumbles towards irrelevance, corruption and hubris and the country he governs starts to shut itself down in anticipation of its own demise or that of its leader. That is the state of our nation today.
What is wrong with our country today is not a Malay/Chinese issue though there are Malays and Chinese who have become a problem. There is no religious conflict between Islam and Christian but there are religious leaders who have become conflicted because the views that they hold of their own religion and of the religion of others. Politics is not a problem. The problem lies with politicians. The Civil Service, the Police, the Judiciary are not problems. It is the people within them that creates problems.

And for Malaysia today our collective problem is this Najib Razak  - the prime minister who has already lost the popular mandate to govern in the last general election!


For all I care the wife of the Prime Minister can indulge in her passion for Hermes bags as our wives too sometimes indulge in their passion for branded luxury items - within reasons and if they can afford it.

We know that Sultans, the rich and famous too have their weaknesses as do we ordinary mortals. All this we do to the detriment of our own selves but we know that eventually common sense and a word now and then from our peers would bring us back to our senses to atone for our misconduct and hopefully, to bring us back into the good grace of society.

These ebbs and tides that defines civilizations and societies have been our burden from time immemorial and as long as common sense prevails and there are check and balances in place to bring the errant individual back into society's grace we know that order will always prevail.

What then have we to worry about this Najib Razak?

Najib Razak has long lost his moral compass and any sense of responsibility, accountability and sense of duty towards the people he leads and the party he is president of. He has now to focus on his day to day struggle to remain as leader of a nation that no longer wants him and the president of a party that no longer wants to party with him. 

The natives are restless. 

There are reasons for us to worry about many impending malaputaka - a looming global financial crisis, a spluttering economy burden with terminal corruption encouraged by a complicit prime minister whose very political life depends on corruption and vulture politics. Then there is the start of open revolt within Umno and within the country that wants this corrupt and inept prime minister remove from office. No "Get out of Jail" pass, no "I scratch your back you scratch mine" and no amnesty or easy passage to exile for Najib Razak....we all want him removed from office and be accountable for all that he had done whilst in public office!

But Najib has refused to go and every day in every way our country moves towards Armageddon while Umno has started on its long goodbye to political dominance in a nation awash with Malays who once loudly proclaimed "We are Umno and Umno is us!"....but not anymore!

Our world that was once safe, secure and decent have started to implode all around us!

We do not expect  the mother of a fourteen year old Malay student, Aminulrasyid Amzah, to have to grieve over his death as a result of being shot twenty one times by PDRM.

We do not expect a Chinese taxi driver and his wife to be confronted by the untimely death of their thirty year old son found on the rooftop of a building adjacent to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission where he was under custody to be questioned about allegations of corruption. The late Teoh Beng Hock was to register his marriage with his two months pregnant fiance the very next day! His death/murder left the child without a father!

An Indian family had to force their entry into the morgue because they believe that their son, Kugan Ananthan, had been tortured to death while in police custody. Their action was justified as in the end the High Court awarded Kugan's mother RM851,700 in assault and battery, false imprisonment, misfeasance, and pain and suffering damages.

Anwar Ibrahim, the courageous leader of the opposition is in Jail.

Too many politicians from the opposition has been harassed, persecuted and prosecuted on matters and issues that would not have seen the light of day in any Nation that profess to practice democracy.

All that and more...much much now happening in our country and it can all be linked directly to the sense of entitlement that those in political power claim as their own. Simply said that sense of entitlement translates into the getting of political power by any means and  becoming insanely wealthy from the spoils of that political power. And no one sense of entitlement is more heighten than that of prime minister Najib Razak and his wife. I repeat...No One!

Since when have becoming wealthy through the use and abuse of political office at the expense of other people's sufferings, harassment and even death become acceptable? And for long has this been going one and for long more will it all be tolerated by you, me and all other Malaysians? When will we say enough? For it is this sense of entitlement that breeds so much greed among our leaders that have caused every single incident detailed above and more!

A sense of decency and any other form of check and balance to ensure that society is kept on an even keel does not exists among those at the very top of our food chain - our political leaders, those that manages the affairs of government, the Judiciary and the Police. And most disturbing for all of us is that this sad state of affairs is trickling down to every level of government and society..down to the policeman on the streets and civil servants that deals with the public one on one on a day to day basis. Corruption taints too many of them!

None of us have been spared the flow on effect of having a Prime Minister who is an inherently flawed human being devoid of any ability to understand that political power comes from the people and is vested upon him to do good not evil and to govern not to plunder and pillage that nation.

Enough said for now!



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