Monday 16 November 2015

Hadi the Idiot!

SHAH ALAM, Nov 15, 2015: PAS will ensure that DAP does not dominate any one city to prevent their former political allies from making “halal” (allowed) what is…

steadyaku47 comment : This Hadi idiot talks about PAS ensuring that DAP will not dominate in any one city to prevent DAP from making alcohol and gambling "halal"...woi Hadi what about the country you are living in? 

Alcohol and gambling is legal in Malaysia and you are living in it! There are factories making alcohol, there are companies importing alcohol and then there is Genting where I believe gambling is legal. There are farms rearing pigs, abattoirs slaughtering pigs and supermarkets and markets selling pigs! There are massage parlours and brothels all over the country - and many of those head of Islam in the various states are fornicating and drinking alcohol and gambling too. What are you doing about it? 

Just recently you were offering yourself as Advisor to the government that allows alcohol and gambling in the country. You do not mind being part of that government but you are not going to allow DAP to do the same thing in a state that they control?  

Aku panggil engkau bodoh engkau marah pulak! 

I call people like you bloody fools! You are like a katak under the tempurung....using religion to advance your political agenda and unable to understand any other point of view but your own. You stupid old man!  



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