Thursday 12 November 2015

Alvin Tan ...Living on borrowed time.

Dead Man Walking!

With his latest posting ...showing him wiping his backside after a shit with a page from the Koran....and he has confirmed that he did in fact use his own waste matter in the picture....I would say that he is living on borrowed time. 

People have been killed for less...much much less. If he is lucky it will be a quick shot to the back of his head in a dark alley somewhere in the US of A and he will be dead in seconds. If not torture and a slow and painful death would be par for the course for idiots like him who have the courage (some say stupidity!) to do what he has done. 

Start looking over your shoulders Alvin because somewhere in the dark murky world of those Islamic Soldiers (who are prepared to die in the cause of ALLAH and Islam) scattered all over the world (the USA included!) a Fatwa would already have been passed to sanction your execution.... soon...very very soon! 

The images this bastard posted of him defiling the Koran are too base for me to want it defiling this here if you want to see it for yourself : Alvin Tan

Good riddance! 

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