Monday 16 November 2015

cakap cakap...Terrorists.

Every time there is a terrorist attacks upon innocent and unarmed people the world reacts with contempt and disgust at these "cowardly" attacks perpetrated upon innocent people who are probably not even aware of the causes these terrorist are fighting for. 

I myself have no clear understanding of the  numerous conflicts now raging in the middle east. I do not really know why the various factions in Syria are killing each other for. I know there are Christians and Muslims in the conflict and I think the Russians have just entered the conflict - for what reasons Putin has done so escapes me. I know that the Jews and Arabs conflict rages on with an ever increasing ferocity that neither America nor Russia seems to be concerned about. Any cursory examinations of the videos available on the Internet about these conflicts will give you and idea of the brutality and the lack of compassion of all those involved in these conflicts - including the Russians and the Americans.        

You can call these terrorists a lot if names...brutal, murderers, barbaric, without compassion......but one word you should not use to describe them would have to be "cowardly"!

A coward does not strap explosives onto his body with the knowledge of certain death when he detonates the suicide vest.

A coward will not be prepared to face certain death when he leaves on a mission that he knows he will not survive even if successful.

A coward would not be prepared to face overwhelming odds against the forces of an entire nation that will be out to shoot him on sight ...whether he succeeds or failed on his mission.

This is not praise for what these terrorist do - this is merely an observation of what it takes for someone to go do what these terrorists do.It takes bravery, it takes courage and it takes a commitment that not many of us will have even for things that we may care for.

So call these terrorists murderers, call their act barbaric, castigate them for being inhuman and certainly condemn them for killing innocent people....but do not call them cowards.   

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