Wednesday 11 November 2015

Francoise Hardy

steadyaku47 comment : I first heard these songs in my early teens...early 1960's and to this days I still go back in time to listen to Francoise Hardy sings these and her many other songs because they are timeless. These were my days in Kuantan where my father was serving in the Police Force and our house was on the road to the old VIP rest house and opposite Istana Teruntum....with the beach about fifty yards away.

I remember days spent camping by the sea (with all the comforts of home cooked food just a few yards away) and always alone by myself and listening to Francoise sing her songs on my Philips portable record player. I can remember those times as if it was yesterday.   

Today at 67 years old, all that I dreamed of then before I was even twenty.....of meeting someone of my dreams, of meeting that someone who will be with me for all of my life and of hers...have all come true with the one whom I married at 21 and she 23.....we are still together in every sense of the word. Life is good!  

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