Thursday 12 November 2015

Mohamad Karim : When we were Malaya.....

Remember bahasa Baku?

What happened? 

Our children were speaking Malay like robots. And who was the culprit who came up with the implementation? Of course our half baked politicians. 

And who is responsible for tearing down the fabrics of the English language put together painstakingly over centuries of nurturing? Of course, our tuan politicians. 

And now we are introducing a multitude of Arabic words in everyday conversation in the fervent expectation of booking a spot in heaven. That however, is the scope of our newly energised usrah congregations. To be more Islamic we do away with Syurga. Now we seek Jannah. 

Why are we copy cats? Don't we have our own identity? 

What is Malaysian Identity? Surely not 1Malaysia!!! 

When we were Malaya, I can easily call myself a Malayan and the world knows where I originated from.

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