Sunday 1 November 2015

cakap cakap...of Tony Pua and Arul Kanda

I don't know about you guys but I am NOT sitting at the edge of my seat all agog with anticipation and expectations of what will transpire out of this Tony Pua vs Arul Kanda one on one, face to face, mano e mano debate/discussion/confrontation (delete whichever you think is appropriate) over 1MDB.

For me Arul Kanda is already ahead!

Possibly his political masters may have given him the nod or had push him into it. Maybe his own pride told him that this was something he simply must do if he is to salvage some credibility and somehow reestablish some semblance of authority to what ever is still left of his position as 1MDB Group Executive Editor and President - but the momentum favors Tony Pua. Arul's acceptance of this challenge puts him up front in the line of fire from not only Tony Pua but also from all those raring to vent their disgust and contempt at Najib and 1MDB.

Public perception does not favor Arul Kanda and he is indeed the underdog. He knows this and to agree to put himself up for an inquisition takes courage/supreme confidence/or ignorance of what is out there (again, cross out what you think is not appropriate).

I would think that as a committee  member of  the Public Accounts Committee it is incumbent upon Tony Pua to maintain an even keel re issues that committee is debating. By debating with Arul, what stance Tony intends to take, will surely indicate to everyone his opinion on 1MDB  before PAC has complete its investigations. I do not think that that is proper - just as you would not want any member of a jury, to have any opinion of the innocent or guilt of anyone on trial before them until all the evidence has been heard. 

So the only conclusion I can draw as to why Tony Pua insists on staying in PAC and still debate Arul is that this is too good an opportunity to pass for political point scoring against Najib. ...and in all seriousness Tony never expected for Arul and his political masters to allow for the confrontation to happen.

It is still not a done deal...the fat lady still has not sung....but whatever happens now the one that will finally decide who wins or lose are not even attending the debate.....yes and me will have to make that decision hopefully, after watching it live on RTM. 

Until then let us amuse ourselves with a list of what we want Tony Pua to ask Arul and send that list to Tony Pua. Let me start with a few:
  • Did 1MDB really pay for the $24 million apartment in Manhattan?
  • How do I score an invite at the next party Jho Low throws for Paris Hilton?   
  • Is there anything wrong with 1MDB? No there anything wrong?
Do I really want those questions to be answered by Arul? 

Not really....Nasi sudah jadi bubur.  

We thought Bank Bumiputra, Halim Saat and those Highway shenanigans, Privatization, the purchase of the Scorpene Submarine, NFC, PKFZ and a slew of other financial scams and scandals had cost our country already way too money! Not so...the Umno gravy train is still running full tilt! 

No money was ever recovered nor any attempt made to have monies taken for all those scams and swindles from our national coffers to benefit politicians and their cronies to be returned to our national coffers!  The crooks get to keep the money!

Do you think the billions already flowing out as a result of what has happened in 1MDB to persons known and unknown will ever flow back into our national coffers? Bloody unlikely! And in the end this attempt to find out where all the billions have gone will end not with a bang but with a whimper.  

And then is on to the next money gouging act Umno will conjure out in the not to distant future.....our DPM Zahid, his brother and other cronies are already hard at work at bringing in those over a million Banglas into Malaysia! 

The ingenuity of Umno to make billions for their political elites is really a thing of wonder and damm if 1MDB will slow them down! 

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