Friday 8 April 2016

Who carries the burden of the discounts given by MARA to it's students?

KUALA LUMPUR: Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) announced a 50 per cent discount to Mara Education Loan borrowers who failed to make the grade in their…

steadyaku47 comment :Questions this idiot of a Chairman should first answer : 

1. What is the percentage of loan repaid by students who have made the grade under a
     MARA Education loan?

2. What is the percentage of loans repaid by students on MARA Education loans who have 
3. Who the f@*k have to carry the burden of that 50% or any f@#king discount that MARA 
    has given or will be giving to those students who have taken MARA loans and failed or 
    simply have not paid their loans for whatever reasons?
Woi Annuar anak Musa....Ini kepala bapak engkau punya duit ka?
The truth of the matter is simply this. 
This giving of discounts  - whether 25% or 50%  is just whitewash! MARA might as well give those students who have failed on a MARA Education Loan a 90% discount because the percentage of these students who pay back MARA the Education Loan extended to them is small...very small.  

MARA is a rust bucket of a sinking steel ship that this UMNO led government keeps shoveling money into without any expectation of a reasonable return on investment made. 
Has it help the Malays? Sure it has...but if any independent audit is made, if any fact check is made...if any serious attempt is made to gauge returns to the Malays against what has been "invested" by the Malaysian government into MARA the results will be laughable.
Take the above announcement by Annuar Musa for what it is : Empty rhetorics of an Umno led government hungry for anything that can boost their "image" in an atmosphere where it awaits it's impending demise with a sense of inevitability and coming doom. 

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