Monday 25 April 2016

Rafizi, Tony and Tian Chua should be in DAP, a party fighting for the nation, not some family affair!

Let me get this picture STRAIGHT! 

The ONLY 2 people 'consistently' on the Offensive against Najib and BN are 'Tun Dr. Mahathir' and 'Rafizi Ramli' whom sadly is NOT the 'Opposition Leader' at the moment. 

The only PARTY as a whole which has been 'consistently' agressive against BN in the whole of Pakatan has been DAP, but sadly because of much of the conservative mindsets of the Malays especially in the rural and Non-Urban areas, DAP cannot take the LEAD in Pakatan simply because most of it's MAIN Leaders are NOT Malays or 'Bumiputras' to enable it to be more easily accepted by the conservative Malay/Muslim voters out there in masses. 

And if Tun Dr. Mahathir's team did NOT come-up with the "PEOPLE'S DECLARATION", I did NOT see any UNIFIED effort or 'campaign' done by Pakatan's own leadership for a 'National Level'. 

And the ONLY thing which has been more 'consistently' screamed by PKR's side is " BEBAS ANWAR"? While a LOT of times it seems like 'Rafizi' whom has consistently been exposing the shit and crap from UMNO/BN almost seems like he's moving 'SOLO' with the PKR Party 'tagging along' behind or focused 'elsewhere'?

So as a voter and Citizen I'm being asked to have Confidence and Faith in 'Pakatan' as a COALITION when all I see is that it is FRACTURED than truly 'united'? 

If majority of our Malays out there still were NOT conservative anymore I would have preferred DAP leading the way due to their 'consistency' till now, but reality wise when dealing with the majority Malay/Bumiputra voters that isn't possible for now, while the PARTNERS which DAP depends upon to GET to the Malay Bumiputra voters has been LESS dependable ever since Anwar was put in-jail. 

No need to mention AMANAH cause they're still new, and although Mat Sabu is good 'speaker', I'm NOT too sure he makes a good party leader.

So right now the "People's Declaration" which Dr. Mahathir's camp came up with is the ONLY thing which Citizens and Voters can PARTICIPATE in?

COME ON lah Pakatan! I thought most of the 'Intelligent' ones were on OUR side. Don't tell me we've run OUT of IDEAS?

I only have a bit of faith in the party which has SHOWN more consistency in Pakatan, which is only one. Sorry but slowly losing faith in this so called 'coalition'.

I really think Pakatan Harapan in general either needs some NEW leadership or that we really need a "PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT" championed BY the people where the People can participate more independently with only little support needed from the 'opposition' itself.

Kelly Cheek
Kelly Cheek When you have most ex-Umno in PKR, one has to take the risk that they will jump here and there after being elected, it happened before. Furthermore freeing Anwar is not the nation priority at the moment, the nation is suffering but yet Anwar's family is using the people for their own agenda. They clearly are not fighting for Malaysian, is a matter of time people won't trust them anymore.

Vigilante Cartel
Vigilante Cartel The 3 shining stars of PKR should be Rafizi, Tony and Tian Chua... They should be in DAP, a party fighting for the nation, not some family affair...

Kelvin Foo
Kelvin Foo well said....

Richard Yong
Richard Yong Sad but so true. Just look at sarawak election. dap and pkr is still fighting over seat allocation on the eve of the election! Only a few leaders in pakatan like rafizi and tony pua is really taking the charge against umngok.

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