Sunday 10 April 2016

Sirul Wants to Stay in Australia.

Sirul is one of the victims of this insidious Malay dominated political entity we know as Umno. I have thought long and hard about the next thing I should write about this man and it has taken me a good many days of thinking and working out in my head what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad...and what is is ethically and morally correct and what is not.....and about all the hype surrounding this man....and to say the least, I am conflicted myself as to what I should write.
You need to understand that as a Unit Tindakan Khas Operative, Sirul was trained to do many things. Sabotage and assination techniques  were but just two of them. He is also taught, among other things, how the double edged commando knife is to be used to cut an enemy throat. A stab in the back is the preferred method to neutralize your enemy, and always, your aim is to kill your enemy quickly. Take no prisoners. Holding a prisoner is a source of constant danger to your own self.   

 Sirul killed Altantuya because he was ordered to do so.
He has no remorse because he was only doing the job he was trained to do. 
After he did the job he was ordered to do, the world he was used to was turned upside down. Today he is languishing in Villawood, detained by the Australian Government for overstaying on a visitor visa and entry into Australia under false pretense. i.e he did not informed Australian Immigration that he had been convicted of killing Altantuya. 
He is now more famous that Mona Fandy, Botak Chin and Bentong Kali put together! He has the attention of Tun Mahatir and also the Prime Minister and a good many other included. 
So what does Sirul wants now?

I would think Sirul wants his life back!
Sirul does not want to go back to Malaysia and rightly so. Even if he gets a pardon for his murder of Altantuya he would not be able to lead a normal life in Malaysia - any where in Malaysia.
I would think that SIrul will want to stay in Australia.

For the moment,, I think Sirul should apply for temporary release visa that would allow him to stay in Australia while his application for Protection Visa to allow him to stay in Australia is being processed. For this he has to apply for Bridging Visa E.   
5. Bridging Visa E
If your substantive visa has ended, this visa allows you to stay in Australia lawfully while you make arrangements to leave, finalise your immigration matter or are waiting for an immigration decision.
Important things to note about a BVE:
Travel rights
  • This visa ends once you leave Australia so you cannot return unless you are granted another substantive visa
Work rights
  • Your grant letter will tell you if you are allowed to work. If you work when you are not allowed to, the Department can cancel your BVE and detain you. You could also be removed from Australia.

Bridging Visa E (BVE) allows Sirul to do what he wants to do: Be released into the Australian community without much restrictions (he can even work or if he so desires)  or go back to Malaysia if he is convinced that he will be pardon for his crime and get "paid" for all his trials and tribulation for just doing his job! But that is a big "if".

If Australian Migration refuses him a Temporary Release Visa he can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and to the High Court and plead his case in front of a judge and finally to the Minister.

What Sirul must understand is this : If he wants to stay in Australia, he must clear his character of any criminal intent when he killed Altantuya - that he was merely carrying out the orders of his superior officer. 

I know that people in KL have told him NOT to do this....well my answer to that is simply this: If Sirul wants to stay in Australia there is now way around having to "clear his character" to the satisfaction of the Australian Immigration and the Australian public through the Australian Parliament. If the Australian Immigration Department say's "NO" then Sirul can appeal to the Australian Appeal Tribunal (AAT) and  the courts   - in this pathway he has the opportunity to plead his case in front of a High Court Judge.

No amount of push or pull factors from KL can overcome this need to "clear his character". 

And what will he live on if he stays in Australia? 

Well Sirul is a big boy and I am sure his UTK training will give him a head start in the "Security" sector. 

Then of course we know that there are negotiations already in progress about "compensating" him (nudge nudge wink scratch my back I scratch yours....kind of compensation lah!) for the trials and tribulations he has had to endure for just doing his job! What that amount of compensation will be, is for Sirul to know. For Sirul's sake and the sake of those in KL who would rather have all this Sirul business go away to Wagga Wagga or any place away from the public eye....I hope that sum would be enough to have Sirul agree to what they want....and what KL wants is for Sirul to be the "fall guy" in the murder of Altantuya and take the blame for everything.

It is not uncommon for Putrajaya to find a fall guy to take the blame. Right now the hunt is on to find a convenient guy to take the blame for the failed 1mdb and it could be the ex CEO Shahrol, and again for the right price. After all Cash is King.

I wonder how much Sirul can be bought for!

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