Monday 11 April 2016

The Enemies of Islam are Everywhere! Beware! LOL!

KUALA LUMPUR, April 10 — Some Muslims opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement for fear it will nullify Islamic laws in the country and…

steadyaku47 comment: Here we go again round the mulberry bush. This time around, the mulberry bush happens to be the TPP Agreement...aiyah why another "Islamic Conundrum" so soon after that Rayanair one? Why? 
Did we not see that the Rayanair debacle was because someone took the "Islamic Route" to try and start an airline without understanding what was required to make one successful? This planet is littered with Airline that have failed! At one time, the safest airline in the world - QANTAS _ was hundreds of millions AUD dollars in the red...but not anymore! But it still had to sustain itself for a while...and without good capable management and deep pockets that is impossible. 
How long has Rayanair been in operations? Four months ma! Not even a drop in the ocean...four months and it went kaput! 

Did it go Kaput because of it's Sharia compliance module or was it because that "anyone can fly" slogan got every one wanting to fly? Even an oil and gas company (that has no business to be in the airline business!), Merdeka Jayabumi Enterprise and mining company, Terus Maju Metal who are the shareholders of this Syariah compliance airline!!!!

DId it go belly up because of the Christians sabotaging the airline? 

The Chinese bikin kachau? 

Did money changed hands when the license was granted by DCA? Were there political pressure, greased by financial considerations and inducements...and of course Islamic considerations (Huh!) to be blame for this airline even flying when it should not be? And to have its HQ in Langkawi? Where got road man! 
But I digress....we are talking about that TPP Agreement. It would seems that some Muslims are opposed to the Trans -Pacific Partnership for fear it will nullify Islamic laws in the country! I am not even going to read the article reporting on these fears of the TPP Agreement by some Muslims.....why waste my time ma...though I too have my own reservations about that Agreement.....but again I digress.

Just a word of advise to these Muslims who oppose the TPP Agreements on the grounds that it is a threat to Islam........go ride a camel and fornicate!

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