Wednesday 13 April 2016

Quickies : Sopian Ahmad : Tu Dia! 1 MDB Yang Tertipu! 1MDB yang jadi Victim!

"PETALING JAYA: 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) says it could be a victim of fraud over the funds paid by 1MDB to Aabar BVI in 2012.

1MDB President and Group Executive Director Arul Kanda said this was based on the recent denial by International Petroleum INVESTMENT COMPANY (IPIC) that it had links to Aabar BVI.

“Given the recent denial by IPIC and the announcement by the Office of the Attorney-General of Switzerland, indicating that 1MDB could be a victim of fraud, 1MDB is exploring all avenues open to us.

“Further announcements will be made in due course."

Reaksi saya:

Hah! Tu dia! Dia pula yg jadi victim!
1 MDB tu yang ditipu!

Putar! Putar lah Arul kanda ooi!
Belit pi lah!

Orang bongkar sikit hangpa tersungkoq punggung tertunggeng, hangpa putar!
Putar punya putar satu hari nanti tengkok hangpa terputar macam jerat lembu!

steadyaku47 comment : ajaib tapi benar! 

  • Seriously they are playing a really dangerous game now. They are now practically saying the Arabs cheated them.
    1MDB has now effectively burned bridges with the Arabs. It has isolated them. 

    Now several things may happen.

    The Arabs sues 1MDB and Arul Kanda for defamation. Because of the nature of the publication ie via the internet, the Arabs can pick and choose the jurisdiction within which they want to initiate the legal action. Now that would be explosive, especially if they choose the UK as the place to sue. 

    Secondly, the two Arabs ie Al Whatever and Al Whatever2 will now be angry with 1MDB. They may now choose to sing and they may sing to their heart's content in all or one of those investigations that are now being made in the US, Switzerland etc.

    Thirdly, it would now be incumbent for 1MDB to sue the Arabs for fraud. Real fun. Especially when the Arabs entered their defence.

    Fourthly, 1MDB must also now lodge a police report. Awesomeness, I would say.

    Fifthly, this statement brings into question the veracity of 1MDB's statement yesterday where it maintained that it paid to the right party because they always knew who the owner is the BVI company is according to their company records. Now, how to reconcile that statement with this one?

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