Friday 15 April 2016

Mat Rempit Races : Malaysia's Entry for the Darwin Award!

Darwin Award : "In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives. Darwin Award winners eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species' chances of long-term survival.

Accidental self-sterilization also qualifies : This "qualifiation" allows many of those idiots and morons in Umno to nominate themselves for the are some suggestions :  Ahmad Maslan, KJ, Nazri Aziz, Bung Mokhtar, the AG......and should include the lunatic who also happens to be the Minister who first suggested this Mat Rempit race.

All the participants of these Mat Rempit Races organized under the auspices of this Barisan Nasional government also qualifies for the above Darwin Awards.
Deputy FT minister says ministry is looking at all possibilities to ensure the event can be conducted "properly and successfully."
Here are some past winners of the Darwin Awards:
Terrorist opens his own letter bomb
Iraqi terrorist Khay Rahnajet decided to send out a letter bomb in 2000. Not being the brightest of sparks he forgot to put enough postage stamps on the letter, meaning it came back to the ‘return to sender’ address. Khay was so happy to receive some post that he ripped it open. His career in terrorism ended there.

Man tries to recreate Up, and is too successful
Larry Walters didn’t die during the stunt, but the Darwin Awards still gave him an ‘honourable mention’. After attaching 45 weather balloons to an armchair, Larry cut himself lose thinking he would float 30ft above his garden in California. He miscalculated and rose to an elevation of 10,000ft. Luckily he brought an air rifle along for the ride, and started shooting the balloons, reducing his altitude. He eventually came down over LAX, where he was promptly arrested.

Larry, moments before starting his ridiculous adventure (Picture: PA)
Larry, moments before starting his ridiculous adventure (Picture: PA)

Man tries to fight a lion (and loses, suprisingly)
An Australian kung-fu master told his class in 1996 that they were good enough to ‘take on lions’. Clearly this encouragement was not supposed to be taken literally. One student took the words to heart and headed to his local zoo. Many shocked zoo visitors reportedly saw the ensuring ‘fight’, but we’ll leave the details up to your imagination.

James Burns, 34, of Michigan, USA, died while attempting to repair his truck from underneath while it was still in motion. Local newspapers reported that Burns had asked his friend to drive the truck on a highway while he clung to its undercarriage in an ill-fated attempt to work out the source of a funny noise it kept making.

An Italian named Fabio had quit his job as an ostrich farmer to drive trucks, and in his spare time built his own spy gadgets. In a pub with friends, he produced his latest invention: a single-shot pistol cleverly concealed as a pen. To prove it was worked, he pointed it at his head and clicked the button. It did.

A 33-year-old man was found stabbed to death in his own house in Leicester, with no indication of a struggle and no suicidal tendencies. But an inquest solved the mystery: ‘Darren’ had bought a new jacket which he believed was stab-proof, but he had wanted to test its abilities.

This Korean man had the dubious distinction of being the first Darwin Award recipient whose death was caught on video.

After missing a lift, the man rolled back his wheelchair and repeatedly rammed into the doors in an attempt to force them open. He succeeded – but the lift had already gone. 

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