Friday 15 April 2016

The Politics of FEAR and CASH.

At some point in the last thirty years, definitely somewhere within the regime of Mahathir, the Umno led Barisan Nasional Government stumbled onto the effectiveness of using Fear as a means of controlling its own people.  

From my own recollections it started with the May 13th Riots in 1969. What became obvious to all of us was the effective use of PDRM and the Army to quell the volatility of the situation in a very short time. The sight of the Police and the Army roaming the street of Kuala Lumpur sobered us all up and brought order out of chaos and calm out of a stressful situation. That the Police and Army then went on to terrorize the Chinese and Indians population was simply accepted by the government and the Malays as collateral damage.

Fast-forward to 1997 when Mahathir decided he did not want Anwar looking over his shoulders any more. Here, for the first time, we saw that UMNO had the political will to use fear as a means of controlling not only its opponents but also its own members who have broken ranks with Umno. 
Who can forget the running battles fought between the Reformasi supporters and the Riot Squad who were brutal and effective in going about their job of stopping the demonstrators dead in their track. Mostly Malays against Malays! What a far cry from the May 13th Riots! 
Then it was also overwhelming force against defenceless citizens. The excuse then this was to teach the other races a lesson. But how do you explain the use of the overwhelmingly Malay dominated law enforcement agencies against other Malays?

As the Nation watched this use of force to instil fear and bodily harm onto the demonstrators we began to understand that Malaysia had entered into another era. One where Fear was the weapon of choice by its own government to rule over its own people.

Since the racial riots of 1969 and then the reformasi days, the politics of Fear has troubled the minds of Malaysians but it was a badge of much pride worn by Umno leaders, needed they say, to keep the population in line with their political agenda to dominate all things Malaysians for the forseeable future.
 All this we saw under the Mahathir era.

Now with Najib, the politics of FEAR alone is not enough. We have a prime minister dedicated to the proposition that "Cash is King". And so there exists within Malaysia today that perfect storm - Politics of FEAR and CASH - that will soon see the death of us all. 

Look around you today......what do you see? 
A prime minister who does not know what he signs? Does not know how many tens of millions are deposited into his own personal account? Idiots for Ministers! An Attorney General, an IGP, Judges and Senior Public Officials running around like headless chickens doing the bidding of their political masters! And a sorry bunch of nicompoops - some already on the gravy train, some trying to get onto the gravy train - all of them driven by that "Cash is King" mentality that Najib Razak espouses! 

POWER,  FEAR and CASH now goes together in a dizzy spiraling abyss that threatens all that we have hold sacred and precious in this country of ours. 
While Power and Cash are still in the hands of those with political power - the public is now past any fear of UMNO or the Police. There is now contempt and a will to overcome these insidious forces. It will take time but like the last general elections change is a given outcome of it all– what needs to be worked on is the pace of change.

The Politics of fear will not dampen the enthusiasm of Malaysian to agitate for change. What more can UMNO do to them? Throw them inside under ISA – hell that will only make them angrier.
The Politics of fear will not threaten the people of this country anymore. 

While outwardly they will show fear when confronted by PDRM – inside them will continue to grow this dislike for all things UMNO and Barisan Nasional – and what they represent. 

The people will be silent and sullen – with everything bottled up in them. You tell them to bow – they will bow. The Police tell them to disperse. They will disperse. You pay them to attend gatherings to greet the Prime Minister, they will take the money and go. You put on Malaysian day parades, they will attend….but in their hearts, as it was in the last general elections, they wait for another time to act. 

So Najib, throw as many good Malaysians as you can into jail. Harass, intimidate and threathen as many of us as you want to with physical violence and mental fear and trauma using PDRM and the Judiciary that does your bidding. All this many Malaysian have endure and will continue to endure for still some time, but the Politics of fear and CASH will eventually come back to haunt you – not us

There is no need for anyone to remind Umno that it's end is near. Today Umno still use the race, religious and CASH card to try and get itself out of the political abyss that it has condemmed itself to be in by its corrupt and arrogant ways, but it does so at its own peril. 

Today the use of race, religion and cash is a double edged sword that cuts both ways.

Today, because of Umno, the Malays are in battle with each other in large enough numbers to worry not only Umno but all Malaysians. How far Umno is prepared to use fear as its weapon of choice against other Malays to ensure its survival, is to be seen. For me the Malays will have to sort out the conundrum they are in by themselves and without any help or interference from other Malaysians. 

There are just that much Malays dissidents that this Malays dominated government can throw into Jail. 

There is just that much abuse that the Malays will sit back and take that is being thrown at them by Umno. 

The Malays have almost had their fill of Malay leaders who have failed them time and time again in the thing that most matters to Malays - to be Malaysians and to be able to stand at par with other Malaysian.   

In all this Umno has failed the it not time that the Malays now fail Umno?


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