Thursday 14 April 2016

Najib's Signature : Saudara Hafarizam....fikir lah sikit sebelum bercakap! Nanti aku panggil engkau bodoh engkau marah pulak!

"KUALA LUMPUR, April 13 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s signature on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) documents was merely to meet corporate governance requirements, his lawyer Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun said today.

Mohd Hafarizam said the signing of the documents do not necessarily mean that the prime minister has knowledge of or makes the decisions on 1MDB matters.

“It’s just like a formality, you just have to go through the process, because it is operational in the sense without the signature of the prime minister, Article 117 is breached; therefore corporate governance is not complied, that’s how I look at it.

“But it is not something to be read that the prime minister decides almost everything in 1MDB, I’m sure he doesn’t know what’s happening because the board of directors are entrusted to it,” he told reporters when met at the court complex here.

Mohd Hafarizam was referring to Article 117 of 1MDB’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, which states that the prime minister must sign on any deals by 1MDB." [Malaymail on line]

steadyaku47 comment : Najib o Najib......berapa kali aku dah cakap dengan engkau....tell your fucking advisers and any other idiots who wants to come to your defence to THINK before they talk! Fikir sikit lah! brother!
The PM signs on 1MDB's document and he knows not what he signs? 

The signature by the Prime Minister of Malaysia is now a JOKE! He will sign anything put in front of him! Aisehman where got road? What are the legal ramifications and more worrying, the ethical and moral implications of this lawyer informing the public that "I’m sure he doesn’t know what’s happening"...within 1MDB! 

Note : This is some of the things we already know about Najib! We know that he has no knowledge of millions and millions of ringgits passing through his personal account. We know he is OK about spending OPM (Other peoples money lah!) and we already know that he is confused about whether Saiful came to see him for a scholarship, for advise about sodomy Two or for whatever it is that people do go and see Najib for! And we know that he says he did know that Mongolian women - so he says)

And he is prime minister of Malaysia he not? 

Then what are the ramifications and implications of a prime minister not knowing what he is signing not only for 1MDB but in matters pertaining to the governing of this country?

Is that not why prime ministers, ministers, CEO and other busy and important people who have a lot on their plate, do have advisers, assistants and support team to assist them? 

And there is no bigger support team in Malaysia...hell maybe even in the world...than what Najib Razak has got! For starters he has a budget of well over RM22 billion for his department! 


Does not the advisers that advises Najib read every document before Najib signs them? 
How many advisers does Najib have? 
Tak kira lah whether they are at ministerial level, whether they are prominent advisers, whether they have been appointed as special coordinator or whether they are advisers to advise him whether he has already got an adviser to advise him on any new matters that he needs advising on.  For all we know he might even have an adviser to advise him when to hide behind his wife's skirt!
Tak kan these bloody advisers did not check the documents that this mentally challenged stupid boss is about to sign? Najib buta huruf ka? Dia tak boleh baca sendiri?  Are the tons of money he has made and still thinking of making, blocking his ability to think of anything else but money?

Can't Najib find some money from the RM22 billion allocated to the Prime Minister Department to pay for somebody to tell all his advisers to read what Najib signs before Najib signs.. at least to make sure that he is not signing himself into Hospital Bahagia or even worse...into giving Rosmah PA over the Malaysian Cabinet!

but I digress....
From that statement made about Najib not knowing every thing that he signs for...are we to presume that any document that Najib Razak has signed, is signing and will signed in the future,  are all now suspect?
Saudara Hafarizam....fikir lah sikit sebelum bercakap! Nanti aku panggil engkau bodoh engkau marah pulak! 

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