Monday 25 April 2016

So many stupid scumbags, dumb fools, bloody parrots, cowards, no guts to do anything Ministers and Umno leaders, a DPM, an AG even a Saudi Foreign Minister and Saudi Prince(s)..,...all aligned in the baseless defense of Najib Razak in this RM2.6 billion DONATION scam!

It has been over a year now that uninvited, 1MDB, Jho Low, Riza Aziz, The Wolf of Wall Street, PetrolSaudi International Limited, Bandar Malaysia, Tun Razak Exchange, Sarawak Report, WSJ, Arul Kanda and that RM2.6 billion donations came into our lives.

1MDB is, to me, merely an extension of what Umno has been doing to us and our country for as long as I can remember (to be rude it is really Umno doing sodomy 3 on you and me...again!).....only this time it is bigger, larger and it has more swagger with Hollywood and Paris Hilton thrown in for that zing to the sting. We are all still counting the costs that has so far run into the billions but as always with Umno, it is the rakyat that has got buggered and stung!

While Sarawak Report, WSJ and a host of foreign Governments are focused on the unraveling of the complicated corporate conundrum that is 1MDB, most Malaysians are shaking their weary heads at the "how not to laugh" stupidity of Najib Razak in "accepting" that "RM2.6 billion donation" and depositing the money into his personal bank account.

Just back up for a moment and think!

You are the Prime Minister of a Malaysia. Without you asking for it (so he says!) someone (a Saudi Prince he says) wants to "donate" RM2.6 billion (the reason for the donation is still a work in know , I know, nudge nudge, wink wink!).

This Najib Razak tells that Saudi Prince...."thank you very much and here is my personal bank account"....and before you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious....the money is in Najib's aka "Cash is King" bank account! 

Now here comes the "ajaib tapi benar" part.  After six months of investigation this happened: 

Malaysia PM Najib Razak cleared of corruption over $681m gift from Saudis - by an Attorney General he appointed

The verdict? It was not a bribe but a ‘personal donation’

Malaysia’s Attorney General officially cleared the country’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak, of any criminal wrongdoing as he declared that $681m (£475m) channelled into his private bank accounts was a personal donation from Saudi Arabia’s royal family.

“I am satisfied that there is no evidence to show that the donation was a form of gratification given corruptly. Evidence obtained from the investigation does not show that the donation was given as an inducement or a reward for doing or forbearing to do anything in relation to his capacity as prime minister.”

Let us take all the bluster, the drums and cymbals and the whole damm orchestra  out of this "DONATION" thingy. If you Google Malaysia, Najib and then Donation...., within 0.45 second you will get 126,000 that is a lot of bluster to shift through if you want to know the whole story and everything else about that donation. Who has time for that? But you cannot ignore it because it is a story that will not go away. 

So what, you may ask me, will not go away? Here are the questions that will not go away and you can ask these question to anyone who have had the fortunate or unfortunate occasion to be involved in this "donation" thingy.

Fortunate if you have been one of the benefactors of this "Cash is King" Bugis Warrior. Who are they? The Ketua Bahagians, some MCA, MIC and Umno guys, Sharir Samad etc etc.

Unfortunate if you are one of those tasked with unraveling the  ins and outs of probably the biggest ever single "legal" donation (according to the AG of Malaysia) made to any incumbent Prime Minister of any country in any part of the World at any point of time in the history of the world! Kan aku cakap Malaysia boleh! And who are they? Some foreign governments, WSJ, Sarawak Report, Mahathir, you and me !

Now here comes the "ajaib" part.  

Mr Apandi (he is the AG extraordinaire! appointed by Najib himself!) said USD$620m of the sum had been “returned” after the general election.

Tak payah nak tanya Najib pasal apa dia kasi balek itu duit lah....sure cannot get any clarity from any explanation he gives......just more bullshit!

So here are the questions that need to be asked and answered comprehensively about the transfer of the RM2.6 billion DONATION by all those involved, who includes among others, that Saudi Prince(s), that Saudi Foreign Minister, Najib Razak, the DPM who tells us he has met the donor(s?) the AG etc etc..

  • Where?
  • When?
  • What time?
  • What location?
  • What Bank in Saudi Arabia?
  • What Banks in Malaysia received the money?
  • What Bank in Singapore or in any other Banks? 
  • What documents can be sighted to support these payments?
  • On what date and on what day was money paid and to whom or what entities.
  • From what Bank Account was money taken and to what bank account was it paid into and via what Banks were the money transferred?

We want to know where all the money that money came from and for what purpose was the money used for . And if it was returned to the "DONOR" the same questions applies.

And if you have some time, do listen to what a very angry but lucid and rational Matthias Chang, has to say on this matter :

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