Tuesday 12 April 2016

Chill....let us all prepare for the time when those two leave!

I have been thinking how we will celebrate when you know who and his Flom the Flop finally leaves Seri Perdana. 

After much thought and consideration I suggest that we throw a huge street party in Merdeka Square and together we all have this song as our goodbye sing-a-long for the two most despicable couple we have ever had the misfortune to have in our history! 

So please starting learning the words to the songs......I know lah the words are not all that appropriate....but I am just imagining our saudara Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang, Mahathir and Mahyuddin joing hands on stage and singing this song to those two...while we all clap, dance and sing along with them! I die laughing one ...for sure! 

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