Wednesday 27 April 2016

The Ding Dong from Dudong!

A BN direct candidate has given a different twist to the 1MDB scandal – he put the blame squarely on the opposition.
Dudong candidate Tiong Thai King said the 1MDB fiasco came about because the opposition had shirked its duty in monitoring the government.
The opposition had neglected its duty, he said in an interview with China Press today.
The opposition has become irrelevant as it was unable to play up its role effectively, Tiong added.
"They (the opposition) have failed to monitor the government and prevent all these things from happening.
"If they have failed in their job, why should we continue to vote for them?" he asked.
As such, Tiong urged the voters to support the Sarawak BN so that it would have a bigger mandate to build the state.

steadyaku47 comment :

This moron is not to be blame for being moron - his father and mother are at fault for giving birth to a stupid son. In fact the parents of his parents are to be blamed for allowing them to breed. That way the people of Dudong will not have to suffer this moron as their candidate.

And this moron is not to be blame for being a BN candidate. The one to be blame is BN Sarawak for choosing a moron to be their candidate in please not vote for Sarawak BN. That is the only way you will not have morons as your elected representatives. Imagine having this guy as your Yang Berhormat! They will be calling him the Ding Dong from Dudong!

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