Friday 15 April 2016

Sarawak Report : While we try to make life uncomfortable for Najib and his hoons, Clare is already succeeding in doing just that!

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Today we are all Sarawak Report.

If I am working on an article to post on this blog and my emails tells me that Clare Rewcastle Brown has just posted another article on Sarawak Report - I stop what I am doing. I will repost that article on steadyaku47 first...and then, and only then, will I read that article myself.

I do that because I want to have that post read by as many Malaysian as soon as possible ...and I do not want to waste anytime getting it out there into the public domain.

From what she has done in the recent past, I know enough to trust her judgement that what she writes is kosher and important enough to be put into the Malaysian public domain asap. 

What I share with her is that we are both bloggers...and so are many others...and there the comparison ends. While we try to make life uncomfortable for Najib and his hoons, Clare is already succeeding in doing just that....and she intends on doing more. Much more.

To continue doing this we need to do our part to help her. Please donate to Sarawak Report!

Donate to Sarawak Report
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Dear readers, 
It continues to be a busy time for us at Sarawak Report! 
In the last month alone, Sarawak Report Editor Clare Rewcastle Brown made it on to Fortune Magazine's World Greatest Leaders List for 2016. And in conjunction with World Day Against Censorship, media freedom group Reporters Without Borders chose our project as one of 13 global websites to unblock (creating a mirror site) making us once again accessible to our core readers in Malaysia.* 
Of course it wasn't just Sarawak Report that was blocked in Malaysia, among many other websites, popular blogging platform Medium found themselves banned after we posted our stories on their site. Medium stood firmly by Sarawak Report stating that "We stand by investigative journalists who publish on Medium" and continue to be banned in Malaysia to date. 
In March, the draconian blocking of Sarawak Report was also highlighted by a letter written by the United Nations Special Rapporteurs on Freedom of Opinion and Expression and Peaceful Assembly and Association. Amongst other issues, the letter highlighted the arrest warrant issued against Sarawak Report Editor Clare Rewcastle Brown and attempts to place her on the Interpol and Aseanapol wanted lists. 
Over the last few months, Sarawak Report and our stories have been picked up by the international media including ABC, Al-Jazeera, BBC, International Business Times, New York Post, The Guardian and many more. 
We have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from our readers across the globe and will continue relentlessly investigating and reporting on issues affecting Malaysia. 
Sarawak Report incur considerable costs on our research, legal defences, hacking and cyber related defences and administration costs. We appreciate all the contributions we have had from donors, who have really helped us keep this project going in the face of very expensively mounted operations to counter our efforts. Please do help us if you can! 
You can donate to us here
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* Sarawak Report was officially blocked in Malaysia on 19 July 2015 by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for our in-depth investigations into Malaysia's scandal-ridden development fund, 1MDB. 
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