Sunday 24 April 2016

What then of the Malays...for am I not a Malay too?

This last week, my time was spent on reflections. Reflection of times gone by, of the people I have known and know of, of the life I had lived and the life still in front of me and how, either by choice, circumstance or design we become who we are todayThe words of Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront" haunts many of us.

Especially the Malays! 

By now, after over six decades of unbroken Malay dominated government, we Malays should have attained parity with other Malaysians in a country many of us mistakenly call our own. 

We Malays should have, by now, caught up with the many hundreds of years of business acumen that the Chinese seems to have been gifted with, by their ancestors who dabbled in business from as far back as any one of us would care to remember. 

We Malays should have by now taken up the many professions dominated by the Indians.

And there, but for the grace of Umno, we Malays would by now have earned the right to stand at par with the other Malaysian who too call Malaysia their home. 

Instead today we Malays are told that we still need Ketuanan Melayu. We are told that we must have political power in the guise of Umno. We need Sultans, Governors and even a Prime Minister to be a Malay or we would never survive past the next general election...always it is the next general election that is crucial to the future of the Malays. 

Always it is Umno that must be elected to government for the good of the Malays for Umno insists that without Umno, disaster looms for the Malays. The Malays will be in disarray, disadvantaged, disabled and will soon disappear from the face of this country we mistakenly call our own. 

Who could we Malays have become today if not for Umno? 

Yes there are Malays in every walk of life in Malaysia today. 

Today the most magnificent mansion in any suburb more often than not, will belong to a Malay...a corrupt Malay politicians probably...but still a Malay 

The latest most luxurious car on the road will belong to a Malay.....a corrupt Malay politicians probably...but still a Malay 

It is no idle boost for me to say that the Malays decide on the laws of the land, the decisions made by the authorities in government and being a Malay is a much sought after commodity that confers upon its owner many privileges and profit

Almost every thing you read in the main stream media, on television and even most of what is on the Net have been put there by Malays. 

We must not forget too that the most corrupt are the Malays. 

PDRM that routinely shots unarmed Malaysians and have people in custody die on them are full of Malays and headed by a Malay.

The tainted Judiciary and the insanely wealthy lawyers that represents the corrupt political elites from Umno are Malays  

So then why are the Malays restless?    

Whether by choice, circumstance or design all that is wrong with the Malays can be lumped into two lots - the politicians and the Malays who tells us that they are doing Allah's work on earth. Do not, even for a moment, think that those corrupt Malaysian national leaders, politicians and religious nuts do not know what they are doing. They do know. 

For these corrupt elites, who are almost exclusively Muslims, the getting of insane wealth is a preoccupation that they pursue with as much dedication as their many trips to Mecca where they "cleanse" themselves in anticipation of more looting, pillaging and plundering of our nation's wealth. Islam, they say, allows them that privilege.

An orgy of religious rites that defies logic!
And in the process, they are beside themselves in pronouncing to all within earshot, that what they do is for the advancement of the Malay race and of course, Islam.

And following a close second are those ostensibly doing ALLAH's work on this earth but getting their instructions from their political masters who pay them their salaries. Together these politicians and religious nuts think that they can do with us what they like. And by us I mean not only the Malays and Muslims but any one else who call Malaysia home.

Let us fast forward to today.

Today Trengganu is, for all intents and purposes, already lost by Umno. The Inspector General of Police's daughter sells guns and ammunitions!  The lure of more money and political power lures even Ku Li to flirt with Najib who is on his way out. Today too the buying of Sarawak with an embarresment of financial inducements from Zahid continues the legacy that Taib Mahmud burdened Sarawak with. 

All this and more I have been reflecting upon these last one week or so

Not out of any concern for me or my family. Nothing that happens in Malaysia today or in the forseeable future can ever have any bearing in the manner I live or want to live my life. 

No, far from concern is the same concern I feel for others who are the victims of life injustices and for others who have to bear the burden of being governed by politicians who are corrupt and of others who have to deal with government servants and the authorities who are equally as corrupt as their political masters. 

There seems to be no end in sight to more of corrupt politics and self serving religious nuts  if I am to continue to blog....and yet in spite of all that, there is hope.

There is Rafizi. He has stood up and taken all that Najib, Umno and BN can throw at him and he is still standing tall. "Do your worst"...he tells them. He has already prepared himself for one year in jail with six months off with good behaviour if he is convicted for going against the OSA

How does Najib deal with a man who is prepared to go to jail for his beliefs? What does Najib has to do to NOT make Rafizi a warrior? 

Ignore him and you will only encourage Rafizi to test the government's resolve to silence him. Does Najib understand that Rafizi is determine to go to Jail if that is what it takes to put his point across that the OSA is just a means to hide the misdeeds of a corrupt government?

What of those who are following Rafizi's exploits in real time? There is already an army of followers who, if and when he is jailed, will wait for his return and to once again take his place at their head with more vigour and intensity. I am one of them!

There is also Clare of Sarawak Report. Day in and day out she works ttirelessly to expose Najib Razak and what his ministers and cohorts are doing in the name of government. I wonder sometimes what drives her? What is her agenda? What is her end game? If truth be told, I only know that what Clare has told us so far, and what she is still going to tell us and the World, will be the death of Najib and his government. Soon...very soon. And all done in that clear, crisps and irrefutable manner that tightens the noose around Najib's neck day by day.

There are many others who are keeping the fire against Najib raging within them and I am encouraged and inspired by what they do. 

As much as the times favors Najib Razak because he has all that he needs for now to remain in government I know that there are enough of us around to make Najib look over his shoulders every time he leaves Seri Perdana. I wish that I was in KL myself because only by being in KL can you see for yourself and feel for yourself if the election two years away will mean the end for Umno. From what I see from here I have no doubt that Najib and corruption shall be the death of Umno. 

Is so, what then of the Malays...for am I not a Malay too?



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