Friday 29 April 2016

cakap cakap....growing old with those you love...its good!

Let me bring you guys up to speed as to what is happening in my life down here down under.  

Since November last year I have made much effort to update my blog on a daily least one posting a day and sometimes more. I do so because I wanted this blog to have a "life" life, my thoughts, my sense of the world and more critical to me, not to impose these things unto any of you but to share, discuss and argue where there is a need to share, discuss and argue these things in a rational and gracious manner. Hopefully my postings in steadyaku47 reflects these aspirations.

Since November the number of clicks I have had the privilege of getting from you guys, has tripled....10K on a normal day and double that number on good ones....and for me it is a privilege to have any one read what I write....and for that privilege I am grateful.

Since I left KL almost a decade ago I have been using the same Nokia mobile that I bought in Bangsar. It has served me well but it has been dropped a number of times and the audio keeps cutting out when I am using it.

 A week ago  my son got me a Samsung Smart Phone. Since March I have been asking him about WhatsApp, Tweeter and Instagram because I have begun to realise that these apps are useful tools for bloggers. It allows you to communicate with those who read what you write, and others, in real time - for FREE. 

So being the dutiful son, he got me a Samsung Smart Phone. I have spent the last one week trying to understand what this smart phone can do and I am still not ready to use one yet. Give me another week and I hope by then I can do so with some degree of competency that will not compromise any preconceived ideas any of you might have about me being computer savvy just because I blog....what do I love most about that phone? I can speak/dictate to it and it will write what I say.....I can't wait to use that function!

Winter is already here. Two things I like about Winter : Hot showers and getting into bed. Any of you who have lived through Winter understands how satisfying it is to get into a warm bed on a cold Winter night. Every thing else is just bearable.

My wife is good. She is having some difficulty in swallowing - which is normal as her dementia progresses. We now only gives her "thicken" water so that the liquid eases down her throat and makes it easier for her to control the swallowing and anything she now eats has to be mashed for the same reason. Otherwise quality of life is still good. 

I have a troublesome Hernia that comes and stays more often than it goes. I have learned to gingerly pushed the Hernia back into place when it pops up and I am still on the waiting list at St Vincent for some one on one time with the team that would teach me how to best adjust myself to the realities of a Hernia. For now the pain is bearable if not annoying....but manageable.

I am on medication for my Gout and it seems to be working...but I off seafood. My blood pressure is high and there is a benign growth somewhere on my kidney but nothing else is worrying me....I am sure many of you are worse off. Better you than me!  

For the first time in my life I am taking multi vitamins and Vitamin C as a concession to the fact that my memory has begun to wander, meander and at times simply ignores my requests for it to provide me with information that I know it has. For example I tend to forget what day of the week it is and I know that the information is within my head....I just do not have access to it. I have asked my Doctor if this is an indication of the onset of dementia? He said "NO" are just old and being old means some parts of your body starts shutting vitamins helps to delay the shutting down process. And so I take those vitamins!

I am conscious that as I age I become more comfortable in my isolation. All I need is to have my wife and my son near me and my daughter, though far away in Canada, in my thoughts and nothing else matters. 

Could do with a little bit more money...but hey, who does not?



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