Saturday 28 May 2016

cakap cakap.....Abd. Razak Omar on Wahid Omar and me.

Abd. Razak Omar
6 hours ago
Hussein, Hussein. I thought that you are a fair, level headed & thorough person. What a letdown. Why the need to stoop so low. Why show your incongruencies. Your insinuation on Senator Wahid (I know him too well) with such vulgarities mirrors your herd mentality. It seems that your brain has been programmed to work towards a one size fits all foregone conclusion. How sad as it comes from an ageing man who put faith in bad assumptions & ill intentions. My advice to you Hussein is not to turn bad-mouthing as an end-of-life vocation. Repent Hussein before it's too late when your fitnah is believed by millions of others. That is when you will be resurrected void of good deeds. Think real hard Hussein. Present life is temporary indeed while Akhirat is perpetual. Therefore repent & write with facts, not assumptions. Hantam or Angkat when it's due, or simply zip your mouth if you are not sure.. Simple. 

steadyaku47 comment : Saudara Razak writes well....deliberate and consistent in what he wants to say and makes his point well..and that is I am not a "fair, level headed & thorough person". 
Point taken since what you say of Senator Wahid is "I know him too well" ....would you care to share with us what it is that you know about Senator Wahid that has made him tell his Banker's friend that "IMDB is in a mess" and he wants out? Why now? Why not stand up in Cabinet and be counted for being one of those who knows that "1MDB is in a mess" as Mahyuddin did instead of just saying he wants "OUT?"
Let me say this of Wahid...I met him when he was with Telecoms (during Radzi Mansor's time) on a business matter in which my company had quoted lower than the company awarded the tender and argued with Wahid as to the unfairness of Telecom in doing so. To his credit, his decision was that the contract be shared between the winning company and mine. And since then I followed his up and up trajectory in politics. 
What I cannot understand is why it has taken him so long to leave the sinking ship....and Saudara not use that "I can only change Umno from the inside" alasan that our Saudara Anwar used many many years ago....cakap bukan serupa bikin.
One final request Saudara...jangan lah guna such words as "incongruencies"....I had to look that up in the dictionary. Salam. 

P.S. Some more comments from Abd Razak just came in and is posted below....saya steady cool or you're gonna be a your thing and you'll be king! Orang Melayu kata "Siapa makan chili dia rasa pedas"....

Abd. Razak Omar
Robert Leong. I am not for any moment condoning any type of corruption, be it ever in a small scale by ikan bilis, what more at such a massive mind boggling scale that started with stealing KWAP's money through Low Teik Jho's deceitful brain; but to simply name names & to insinuate others without facts is a heinous primitive act. Are we at liberty to do damage on others when what you say are not even true. My advice to Hussein is to check his conscience about doing bad things to Senator Wahid. Why insinuate? Old sage says 'Hati hendaklah sentiasa bersih dan jangan suka membabi buta. Hendaklah bersangka baik dan sentiasalah berlapang dada. Terlajak perahu boleh berpatah balik, terlajak kata buruk padahnya.' To others, you can say things but please check your facts before they turn viral. You are how & you say - Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa, cara & apa yang anda kata melambangkan keperibadian anda yang sebenarnya. Hussein, umur kita semakin singkat, kerja yang baik teruskan tetapi perbuatan yang jahat hentikan.

You are how and what you say.. Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

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