Tuesday 31 May 2016

"I decide" says Immigration DG........Did you decide that Sirul could leave Malaysia?

The ban list is based on his own discretion, he adds.

Immigration director-general Sakib Kusmi says he is empowered by the law to decide whether or not government critics can leave the country.

Thus, he said, the ban list was based on his own discretion, as well as the advice of other enforcement agencies.

"For example, if the police say someone is dangerous, even though it (the matter) has not gone to court yet, we can take action," he said when met at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport today.

steadyaku47 comment : Whether it is the PM, DPM, the various Ministers or the KSU or DG's of the various government departments....everyone stakes out his own territory where he or she is king or queen of all they surveyed. Whether they are empowered by Law to do so, or whether they have the political pull or connection to decide.....hell even the traffic policeman who pulls you up for a minor traffic infringement....every bloody one of them stake out their territory where THEY decide what is right and what is wrong....WHY? 

Why do all the Ministry have the Minister as the one to have the final say on everything under that Ministry?

Two words...."CARI MAKAN".

I hope this Sakib Kusmi uses his "discretion" for good and not for evil...not for "CARI MAKAN" ....and while we are talking about "using his discretion"....did he had anything to do with allowing Sirul to keep his passport thus allowing him to travel to Thailand and Australia? Which Sirul? The one convicted or murdering Altantuya lah! 

And Sakib who decides on allowing all those "ladies of the night"  from parts unknown to come into Malaysia to "cari makan" or your officers?


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