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"Three traffic outriders" of businessmen detained By Bernama - 22 May 2016 @ 12:49 AM KUALA LUMPUR: Three men who stopped traffic on the Connaught Highway to facilitate their businessmen employers vehicles’ passage, and caused a massive jam, were arrested yesterday afternoon. Kuala Lumpur Traffic chief ACP Nazri Hussain said the trio, aged 27 to 35 years, were nabbed by a police team patrolling at the Old Toll Plaza heading to Petaling Jaya at 1.15 pm. “They blocked traffic to allow their employers’ two cars, accompanied by a Proton Inspira equipped with blue directional lights and with a siren switched on,” he said in a statement here, tonight. Nazri said checks found the BMW, Proton Insira and Bentley which had four passengers comprising businessmen with the title of ‘Datuk Seri’ were not registered as government-owned vehicles. He said the driver of the Bentley, aged 31, was detained for failing to furnish a licence for a Beretta automatic pistol with 10 bullets on his waistband. He said the three vehicles were taken to the Kuala Lumpur Traffic Police Station for further action while all the passengers were freed. He said the case was investigated under Section 170 of the Penal Code for masquerading as civil servants. -- BERNAMA

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    Sunday, 22 May 2016 | MYT 8:05 AM

    Datuk’s three ‘traffic outriders’ arrested

    KUALA LUMPUR: Two bodyguards were among three men arrested after a Datuk and his friends were stopped by police for being in an illegal motorcade.  
    One of the bodyguards was found to allegedly possess a gun. 
    In the 1.15pm incident on Saturday, police spotted a Proton Inspira escorting a Bentley and a BMW with sirens and lights. 
    City Traffic police chief Asst Comm Mohd Nadzri Hussain said policemen on patrol spotted the motorcade and ran the licence plate of the cars before realising that they were not registered as government-owned vehicles. 

    "Traffic policemen chased after the three cars and stopped them. 
    "The Proton and Bentley were driven by bodyguards and the BMW was driven by a friend of the Datuk who is a businessman. 
    "The wife of the BMW driver was also with him," ACP Mohd Nadzri said at a press conference at the city Traffic police headquarters at Jalan Tun HS Lee here.  
    The Datuk was in the Bentley with a friend. A check also saw the bodyguard who drove the Bentley had a pistol but was not able to produce the licence for the weapon. 
    All three drivers were arrested while the passengers were released. 
    The case was being investigated under Section 170 of the Penal Code for masquerading as civil servants.

    Penasihat Khas pada Najib Razak.. Khairil Anas telah dtahan oleh anggota Traffik PDRM kerana menggunakan juruiring persendirian dan menyebabkan kesesakan lalu lintas diLebuhraya Connaught pada tengah hari semalam.. Salah sorang dari pengiring tidak bertauliah tersebut didapati memiliki pistol jenis Baretta yang diselitkan dipinggang..( apa punya banggang tayang pistol) tapi yang mengejutkan kesemua mereka dibebaskan oleh pihak polis.. aiiikkk?? kata IGP hanya pengiring sah saja dibenarkan untuk mana mana VVIP merujuk kes Tun M yang ditarik balik anggota pengiring..?

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    Thursday, October 24, 2013

    There's a gay in the office!

    Was alerted this morning by a Whas App message of a blog revealing an affidavit involving the divorce case between an officer in the Prime Minister's Department and his former wife.

    The said officer is PM's speechwriter, Khairul Annas Jusoh. His ex-wife was Syarifah Nabila Sara bin Dato Syed Abdul Rahman.

    Rings a bell?

    Yes, she is the daughter of Mongolia's Honorary Consul in Malaysia Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi. When they got married in 2010, it was not actually a marriage between celebrities but the pomp and pageantry was close to one and dubbed the wedding of the decade.

    The affidavit revealed a dark side of Dato Najib's Head of Policy and Research at the Prime Minister's Office. It will be viral in the next few days. As always, anything with S E X, normol or abnormal, will always be HOT HOT HOT ... issue.

    In the affidavit posted by The Benchmark blog here, it revealed this fella has some weird sex practices. We highlight below:

    The story has been circulating for quite a few years. Back in 2010, opposition blogs and portalforum  have been playing this story. Read in Milo Suam here.

    We have heard of this talk for quite a while.

    The then The Mall, in front of Pan Pacific where it is the gossip corner of the latest happening in UMNO, was a buzz with the lawsuit by Dato Syed Abdul Rahman against former blogger, Zaharin for his Facebook comment in 2010.

    Since then, there have been an off-the-court settlement between them recently. Read here in The Star.

    We've not given much heed to this talk and thought this Khairul Annas fella have gone to ISIS. But now that the affidavit is made public, it will be a headache.

    Khairul started out as a Special Officer and now after Dato Mazli bin Muhammad have left PMO, he was said to have assumed the position of Direcctor of Policy and Research Division.

    This man, if we can still call him such, is now addressed as Professor Dato Wira Haji Khairul Annas Jusoh. He sounded distinguish and straight like academician like BN's candidate for Sungai Limau.  

    This will give be a headache on two accounts.

    First, this chap was said to have known Saiful Bahri personally and brought him to meet Dato Najib with regard to allegation of being sodomised by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahm. The opposition then accused it as a set-up.

    Now that Anwar was acquited and acquital appeal by the Attorney General Office is coming on December 11 and 12 [read in FMT here], there would be a new twist coming in PKR's propaganda.

    Expect Anwar to ask for postponement based on this new revelation. By right it should not, but one will never know how lawyers for Anwar can spin it into his favour and expand their conspiracy theory further to create more doubt of his homosexual inclination.

    Their blog are already at it. Read Greenboc here.

    Second and this is more relevant, Dato Najib has to reconsider Khairul Annas position in his office. He will have access to a lot of information, both public and confidential, that is critical to the Prime Minister.

    Our wild imagination is thinking that he could run off to Anwar and leak information. You know how people of such inclination is likely to be protective of each other and behave and think alike.

    Seriously, it makes Khairul a source of blackmail and a security threat to the PM. Someone need to advise PM to release him.

    We are also wondering, why now the leak? SUARAM? CIA?

    Sex issues makes us thinking wildly.

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