Friday 27 May 2016

cakap cakap....Nik Arif Nik Abdullah.....fikir kah sikit sebelum comment!

…|By Hussein ABDUL HAMID

Nik Arif Nik Abdullah
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Brave, daring, but from a far, far downunder.
Sharing his post too is not good enough; be as brave.
steadyaku47 comment :  
Yesterday I posted Saudara Fauzi's comment on the RM40 billion "pinjaman" of our money loaned to 1MDB....and this morning Nik Arif made the above comment on what I posted. I am used to getting brickbats and unsavory comments from those who read what I write. It goes with the territory for those who blog....but the above comment by Nik pricked my normally thick skin. 
He wants me to be "as brave" as saudara Fauzi and not stay where I am now..."far, far downunder". 
Nik did you stop to think before you made that comment? What do you expect me to do? How brave do you want me to be? 
Let us follow through on what you want me to do...get on a plane and go back to KL...what happens then? I have a wife with dementia who requires 24/7 care. How am I to work to earn a decent enough income to allow us both to survive in KL....not to live, just to survive! ...that is if this bloody BN government allows me to work and not take me in for being a "threat to national security!" because of what I write.
Here my wife and me are given a pension by the Australian government. We live in a subsidize apartment and all the medical needs of my wife is taken care of. What time I have for myself I work on my date I have done 7500 posting and have had close to seven million visitors to be exact....

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Steadyaku47 is what I do everyday. I get a daily average of 10,000 clicks on what I write when I hantam Najib, I hantam Rosmah, the Cabinet and all that is wrong with Umno, BN and anything else that matters to me....and that includes the opposition if what they do, in my opinion, is wrong. 
The operative word here is "my opinion"...not yours, not anybody else....but mine. Nobody pays me, nobody tells me what to write.
So tell me Nik...what else can I do more if I go back to KL and allow those morons at PDRM and their likes, to put me in remand? Who will care for my wife? YOU? 
I have been blogging for years Nik and I will continue to write from Downunder ...but no Nik...I will not be "BRAVE" enough to go back to KL. 
And Nik...tell me....what would you do if you were in my position?   

And also Nik.....tell me what you are doing now to support Saudara Fauzi and his likes in their fight against corruption and the abuse of executive political power by these obnoxious leaders that now governed our country? Do you have an FB page, a Blog? Are you a political activists supporting the opposition? Are you with an NGO fighting corruption? 
Please share with us what you do that is "BRAVE". 

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