Wednesday 25 May 2016

cakap cakap...My Wife, My Life.

1.33 AM. Wednesday early morning.

My wife is asleep. 

Today, like most days when I am at my desk writing and she is sleeping in the bed beside me, I invariably take a few minutes every now from writing to look her way and think about the times when we could still agree to disagree on matters that I can no longer remember. 

All you guys who are still arguing with your better half on whatever matter that you both are not able to agree upon...enjoy every moment of those arguments for I know they will come a time when you will look back at those times and wish once again that your wife can talk back to you. 

You will rue the day when you got upset and told your wife to just be quiet because she did have an opinion on something...anything ... and was not afraid to let you know what was on her mind....and you resented her for doing so because you have just had a hard day at the office. 

I can no longer do those things with my wife because her dementia has taken her ability to speak from her about a year back. Not a spoken word from her for at least a year....and yet we laugh, we do things together and we tell each other things...well I do most of the talking and she looks at me and patiently puts up with my attempts at having a conversation with her. I do not really know if she understands what I say but she does squeeze my hand and rub my cheeks when I am within her reach.

And she smiles a lot....much more than those times when we were arguing over matters that I can now no longer remember. And because she smiles a lot, I too smile a lot...and as they say, when you are smiling....the whole world smiles with you! Life is good.

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