Wednesday 11 May 2016

Sirul...only the Australians can save you from being hanged until you are dead!

Someone have better tell Sirul that he is not going to get the RM18 million from the people he thinks will be giving him the money for his killing of Altantuya. Nor will he be getting a house in Sydney bought for him by Special Branch. He is not going to get his pardon from the Malaysian courts unless he goes first back to KL, back to prison and from there apply for a pardon. He is not going to get anything he wants. He will have to take his chances with the Australian immigration department, apply for whatever visa he needs to stay in Australia and stop thinking that he will be able to live comfortably ever after in Australia on the proceeds of his murder of Altantuya.

The truth of the matter is simply this. 

Sirul has nothing to tell, nothing to say and he has nothing to link Najib Razak with the killing of Altantuya....and he is beggining to realize this himself. 

For a while he has getting all the attention....even a phone call from the old Man himself - Tun Mahathir....and overtures from people who thought that Sirul held the key to emberrasing Najib into resigning from office and possibly bring down the BN government in the process. No lah...Sirul had nothing that they could have effectively used against BN or Najib.

The special Branch people have had their time and their way with him and they are done with him too. 

His two Malaysian Lawyers are still under instructions to "attend" to him but that is all they do...attend to him and keep him hanging on because the have known from the start that Sirul is no threat to Najib Razak. These Lawyers too have had their way with Sirul and they have effectively isolated him from every one else with the carrot of the many millions that Sirul think was going to come his way if he cooperates with them. 

Yes some money have been disbursed to take care of his mother and her needs in Taiping. Some money too have found their way to Sydney to take care of Sirul's and his son's needs...but that is about it. No millions coming his way yet. And they would like for Sirul to keep believing that the millions may still come his way!

Read my lips Sirul....take your chances with the Australian immigration department. They do not want your money, they do not ask where your political sympathies lies ...all they want to do is to ascertain that you murdered Altantuya not of your own volition but because you were ordered to do so by your superior. And as a member of the UTK, you did your job as ordered. The Australian authorities want to make sure that you are not a criminal or a murderer and to be sure that Australians will be safe if they allow you to stay and earn a living in Australia. And right now with that death sentence hanging over your head, only the Australians can save you from the gallows.        

There may be some hope for you to "negotiate" some kind of a "selesai" deal with the powers that be in Malaysian...but only if you have something they want you to be quiet about. I am not privy to what happened in the final moments of Altantuya. You are. Maybe there was something said by Altantuya to you before she was shot. A death bed confession maybe - that may have implicated those whom she knew or have met apart from Razak Baginda.

She might have been pregnant and told you who the father of her child was. We do not know these things. Only you do. 

We know you want to stay in Australia. Your Malaysian Lawyers wants you to go home and serve your sentence...maybe get a pardon...maybe live happily ever after on the millions that they made you think is coming your way.

And then of course there was what had happened before and after the murder. It would be interesting to know what really happened...and you know because you were there in the thick of everything.

You have had enough time in that detention center to think all this out. What must be frustrating for you is know now that the time for shadow boxing is done. You are no longer in the driving seat in as far as negotiating with anyone from Malaysian for what ever it is that you want for doing your job in murdering Altantuya. You now only take orders from your lawyers. There is nobody to advise you. Nobody to tell you what is right and what is wrong in the things that you are totally isolated from every one else and your lawyers decides who they want you to meet.

Cukup lah Sirul. Pakai otak sikit. Start talking to people who have your welfare at heart. Start talking to others who want to do what is best for you....and most critical, take back your own life and start making the right decision for yourself, for your son, your daughter and your mother. When all is said and done...they will be the only ones that matters. They will be the only ones that will stand with you through good and bad, thick and thin, through all of life's trials and tribulations. Insaf.     

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