Wednesday 25 May 2016

How then are these UMNO politicians talking about a future where Ketuanan Melayu rules when there has never been a past where it has ever existed?

I know that there are many Malays among those who think themselves to be my friends, who do not want the Chinese to have the right to call Malaysia their home.  

Just as they are some Chinese who cannot think of the Malays without hate. The same can be said of some of the other races who now call this country their home. 

Hate and bigotry lies deep within the hearts of some Malaysians. Each will have their reasons for allowing such feelings to fester within their hearts. Each can find reasons to comfort themselves that the other races are deserving of their contempt and dislike. Each will find their own way and means to inflict upon the other race harm even as they live life as Malaysians.

Let us not try to dismiss these realities. They exist but if truth be told, in my lifetime, I cannot think of a time when this country "belong" exclusively to the Malays.

For as long as I can remember, there have always been Chinese and Indians living around the odd Bhai, Jawa, those lovely Eurasians and even a Portuguese or two (from Melaka). I knew there were Chinese in Melaka who sang those Dondang Sayang and talk exclusively in Malay....and the Mamaks were the ones to go to for Rojaks and Chendols.

Hell I was not even aware of my Bugis ancestors until much later! 

How then are these Malay politicians talking about a future where Ketuanan Melayu rules when there has never been a past where it has ever existed? 

Our country has never been a society composed of one culture, one race and one religion! 
Our country has always been diverse! If there was a problem then and if there is a problem now, it is how we deal with that diversity.

I would like to think that in those early days, each race took the best values that they had within them to share with the others. I remember thinking that I wish I could work as hard and as diligently as the Chinese did when they were taking care of their business. The Indians have always gone out of their way to be helpful to me and are loyal and faithful friends. I am sure the Chinese and Indians too would have their own opinion as to what values the Malays had that they admire and respect.....but there was no need for us all to tell each other of these things. We all look upon each other as fellow human beings whose primary purpose in life is to eke out a living the best way we can and we live with each other the best way we can.

There were times when I had a good laugh at the expense of the Chinese. I remember in my young days when were at parties..... what fun we had laughing at the Chinese couples enthusiastically doing their Off Beat Cha Cha Cha. Having Rojak and Chendol at the roadside stall was not only a delight for our taste buds but also an opportunity to have a few laughs at the expense of the Mamak. I am sure the Chinese, Indians and Mamaks too have their laughs at the expense of the Malays....but is that not what life is all about? Laughing at each other diversity that somehow works in making unity a reality? 

Not any more!

The Chinese eat pig, this is halal and that is not halal. Have not the Chinese been eating pig all this while? Since when has it become a problem and to whom has it become a problem? Increasingly the racial and religious divides becomes more rigid and overwhelming, crossing over into our daily lives and making life burdensome and intolerable as everything we do starts to be given a racial and religious slant. 

Again I ask.... how can you talk about a future where Ketuanan Melayu rules when there has never been a past where it has ever existed?        

Think about it my donplaypuks is keen of saying....We are all of 1 Race, The Human Race.



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