Saturday 14 May 2016

Anwar Ibrahim....Let us Keep the Rage!

Two days back I posted this about Saudara Anwar:

…|By Hussein ABDUL HAMID
And here are some of the comments posted by my "friends"......anybody who reads what I write are my "friends".....some are "good friends" ...and some are "not so good friends".

Mohamad Abdul Karim
Mohamad Abdul Karim If Anwar is really the great leader and saviour of this Nation...just stop for a moment and look at where PKR is today. The party is still an off shoot of UMNO, led by disgruntled and disfranchised individuals who backed the wrong horse. Those who could have moved and energised the uncommitted masses were not promoted as genuine leaders. People like Rafizi, Nurul, Azmin, Tony Pua..etc. Instead he put Azizah (no disrespect to her) to keep his seat warm for his eventual return. But Anwar do not want to come to terms that time had moved on and his relevance in an ever changing environment will not include him. PKR need to build and expand its base or be blown into oblivion. So is Anwar still your saviour??
Antares Maitreya
Antares Maitreya Anwar's greatest & only sin: he wants to replace Ketuanan Melayu with Ketuanan Rakyat. That means... one of these days,,, a non-Malay can be elected PM!
Fauzi Abdulrahman
Fauzi Abdulrahman Yes! Anwar is NOT a murderer, NOT a robber and neither a thief. The problem is he tried to expose the murderer, he tried to stop the thieves and the robbers from stealin ang robbing the raayats savings....from their sweat and toil.......

Dato Victor Lye
Dato Victor Lye We should not blame our politicians for being blind & stupid. It is the voters who put them in office! So the voters are to be labeled blind & stupid!
steadyaku47 comment : I am not in the business of supporting PKR or Umno....not here to hantam Najib or praise Anwar....I try to be on the side of common sense, right against wrong and good against evil....not always successfully ...but I try. 
Anwar Ibrahim has had more than his share of "misfortunes". More than his share of being a victim of circumstance - real, imaginary or contrived. And surely you will have to agree that with hindsight (Anwar's hindsight not anyone elses) he would now not be where he is now languishing at the pleasure of this Barisan Nasional government. 
All things considered...and I for one, have considered much of what Anwar has done in and out of government, in and out of Sungai Buloh and we certainly must not ignore  his "courage" to face what he knew must surely come when Najib decided to throw Sodomy Two at him....all this considered...surely "the quality of mercy is not strained!"  
The quality of mercy is not strain'd,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:
The only reason this three score and ten years old man has been put away is because he is a political threat to Najib Razak and to Umno. 
Those in government are guilty of far worse criminal acts and financial shenanigans than Anwar Ibrahim. And there lies the unfairness of it all. The same could be said about the imprisonment of Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi. .. both incarcerated for decades...for what purpose? To serve the political agendas of those whom history have now condemned...and we see the same fate awaiting the Umno that we now have. 
This Umno that once held so much promise for so many Malaysian has delivered so little. Its leader Najib Razak is now being investigated for fraud, money laundering and financial misdeeds by seven countries. To date Najib has not explained how hundreds of millions of ringgits have found their way into his private bank account....and against all this you put the "sins" of Anwar Ibrahim...and it is a no branier!  
Do you not wonder what kind of society has thought it right to incarcerate one and have the other as it's leader? 
What kind of society would think it right to have a leader that has over 51% support from the electorate, taken away from the people he is leader of and put away in solitary confinement in Sungai Buloh? 
You and me...we are part of this society! 
Ask yourself what you intend to do about it? 
Ask yourself how much more you will endure the unfairness of persecuting and prosecuting anyone who is deem to be a threat to "national security" ...."national security" as deem by the ruling Umno led Barisan Nasional government? 
Ask yourself when enough is enough?
Those were the feelings welling within me when I posted "He's not a murderer, not a robber, not a thief....".....and I did so in the early hours of a Friday morning after a night of restless sleep disturbed by thoughts of how, when we should be our brother's keeper, we allow them to be abused without a whimper!

Keep the rage against what has been done to Anwar Ibrahim....we must keep the rage burning until he is free once again. Until then....keep the rage!

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