Wednesday 18 May 2016

Quickies : Countries where Najib is under Investigation for lying over 1MDB, bribery, corruption, donation and all round stupid greedy idiot! : With thanks to ARazak Mahmud.

Saudara ARazak commented : "Bro Hussein, I think you have erred here. Last count was 11 countries not 7"......They being; 

1. Australia
2. Hong Kong
3. Singapore
4. Thailand
5. UAE
6. Switzerland
7. United Kingdom
8. Luxembourg
9. USA
10. Scotland
11. Cayman
Latest, Scotland and Cayman. Scotland due to their Royal Bank of Scotland also being used by those SOB money launderers. Read here; 
And Cayman had agreed to cooperate with the Swiss investigating officials.
 Thank you Brother ARazak.

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